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Encore Music Notation Software

Encore Notation SoftwarePassport Music Software Encore Notation ♪
Encore windows software in english, deutsch, français, nederlands, português
♪ Complete Scoring Features, Part Extraction, and MIDI Playback Keep You in Control
♪ Flexible Page Layout and Guitar Tablature Expand Your Options
Encore Notation has become the musician’s choice in music notation software since more than 20 years because it allows you to create and publish everything from simple lead sheets to symphonies in less time and with more control.
Music Software Encore 5 is now multilingual – you can switch the language to english, deutsch, français, nederlands and português.

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Steinberg Dorico Music Notation Software

Steinberg Dorico Scoring SoftwareSteinberg Dorico Scoring Software 

The Steinberg Dorico Scoring Software is a versatile scoring application designed for both Windows and Mac systems. Steinberg Dorico is designed by musicians for musicians, ideal for performers, composers, arrangers and educators. The intuitive design and modern innovations mean Steinberg Dorico is the perfect tool for notating musical pieces. The result is a high-grade engraved output with unrivaled attention to detail, allowing you to use either your MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard for added versatility. The flexible interface and editing tools make Dorico the perfect choice for any professional musician.

There are different prices for Dorico:  Discounts are available for Finale or Sibelius users and for Educational Establishments (students and teachers).
Prices for Dorico in UK  ♪  Prices for Dorico in US
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Isp Technologies Decimator Prorack G Noise …

Isp Technologies Decimator Prorack G Noise  ...Isp Technologies – Isp Technologies Decimator Prorack G Noise Reduction System
The Decimator ProRackG guitar noise reduction system establishes a new standard for excellence in real time noise suppression performance. The Decimator ProRackG was designed to provide the maximum possible performance in a rack mount dual channel noise reduction system designed specifically for extremely high gain guitar amplifiers. Designed with 2 channels of single ended noise reduction configured specifically for high gain guitar applications, it allows one channel to deliver noise reduction for the guitar directly and a second channel to eliminate amplifier gain noise. Channel one eliminates 50 or 60 cycle hum, buzz, stage light noise and any other noise picked up directly by the instrument. The ProRackG channel one output drives the front end of your guitar amplifier and eliminates all of the input noise picked up by the guitar. The control circuit of the second channel detects and tracks the guitar signal directly while the signal processing audio chain is patched into the effects loop of the high gain guitar amplifier. Now you can quiet down even the most insane amounts of noise with any amplifier system incorporating a series effects loop. The Decimator unit will also solve the typical high gain feedback or squealing problem high gain guitar players fight.You know how difficult this problem can be. You play staccato notes and in between each note you have a squeal or burst of feedback that’s virtually impossible to control. Problem solved with the Decimator ProRackG. By proper setting of the threshold for channel one and channel two you can eliminate this problem for good. The Decimator ProRackG has dual processing channels incorporating both low-level downward expansion and dynamically controlled low-pass filtering in a very easy to use single rack space unit. The ProRackG is based on ISP Technologies patent pending “Time Vector Processing,” which provides the most adaptively dynamic release response characteristics of any rea
Isp Technologies, Noise Gates Decimator Pro Rack G

Vandoren M/O Series Clarinet Ligature Bass …

Vandoren M/O Series Clarinet Ligature Bass  ...Vandoren – Vandoren M/O Series Clarinet Ligature Bass Clarinet Silver-Plated
Vandoren M/O Series ligatures combine the lightweight construction of the legendary Masters Series ligature with the highly efficient tightening of the OPTIMUM Series ligature. This advanced ligature allows the reed to freely vibrate for crisp tonal articulation.M/O Series Clarinet Ligatures are available for Bb, Eb, alto, and bass clarinets in black, silver-plated, and pewter. The Bb ligature is also available gold-plated.LightweightEasy to set upQuick and symmetrical tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanismTwo small contact points only on the reed with an inverted tightening
Vandoren, Ligatures & Caps LC54SP

Mxl V63m Condenser Studio Microphone With …

Mxl V63m Condenser Studio Microphone With  ...MXL – Mxl V63m Condenser Studio Microphone With Shockmount
The MXL V63M is a condenser microphone with a 1″ diameter, 6-micron-thick diaphragm that delivers high sensitivity and detailed recordings. Wired with Mogami wire for added clarity. Balanced, transformerless output for low noise. Encased in a heavy-duty brass enclosure. 30Hz-20kHz frequency response. Cardioid pickup pattern. Includes spider shock mount (also fits Neumann mics).Requires phantom power.Large 1″ diaphragm6-micron-thick diaphragm for high sensitivity and detailed recordingsWired with Mogami wire for added clarityBalanced, transformerless output for low noiseIncludes spider shock mountHeavy-duty brass enclosureWired with Mogami cable
MXL, Condenser Microphones Kit-273158

Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan …

Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan  ...Avid – Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan (Boxed Version)
iLok 2 required to license this product. Pro Tools is the industry choice for composing, recording, editing and mixing pro audio for music, film and TV. With Pro Tools 12.5 you can get to your mix faster than any previous version of Pro Tools with new and enhanced features including the new Cloud Collaboration, Track Commit and Track Bounce workflows, Clip Transparency, improved batch fades and so much more!Connect and collaborate in the cloudjust addedImagine being able to work on a session with friends, colleagues, or your favorite artist or producer with easeno matter where they are in the world. You can with Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools. Record, edit, and mix projects with others as if youre all working together in the same studio. And find new collaborators through the online Avid Artist Community.Track Freeze, Commit, and Bouncejust addedProcessor-hungry virtual instruments can impact system performance. And sharing sessions used to require that everyone have the same plug-ins. No more. With Track Freeze, you can quickly freeze or unfreeze all plug-ins on a trackor just up to a certain insertto free up processing power. Track Commit is similar except it renders the track (or an edit selection) permanently. And with Track Bounce, you can render out stems for fast and easy file delivery.Experience power, performance, and versatilityWith Pro Tools, you get even more pro-level features and capabilitiesFull version of Pro Tools 12.5 (iLok2 required, sold separately)Free software upgrades for one yearShare sessions with friends with Cloud Collaborationjust addedFree up resources with Track Freezejust addedPlay and share sessions easily with Track Commitjust addedPosition clips more precisely with clip transparencyjust addedSave time with batch fadesjust addedCA mastersExtended Disc CacheGain Reduction MeteringAdvanced MeteringWireless control with iPadTrack input monitoringSupport for up to 128 simultaneous audio tracksSupport for up to 512 instrument tracks
Avid, DAW Software 9935-66068-00

Heil Sound Cb-1-Ptt Classic Base With Cough …

Heil Sound Cb-1-Ptt Classic Base With Cough  ...Heil Sound – Heil Sound Cb-1-Ptt Classic Base With Cough Switch
The CB-1 PTT is a heavy, polished-chrome base stand that includes a Soft Touch” Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch on the base that may be used as a “Cough Switch” in broadcast and other live sound applications. A 24″ jumper cable is included for connection to the PTT control jack.The CB-1 PTT uses standard 5/8″ – 27 threading, as do all of the Heil Sound Booms and Stands, for compliance with industry standards. The base also includes a 2″ riser that sets the microphone at a comfortable, convenient height.Soft TouchPush-To-Talk24″ jumper cable is includedIncludes a 2″ riser
Heil Sound, Microphone Clips & Clamps CB-1-PTT

Uvi Vintage …

Uvi Vintage  ...UVI – Uvi Vintage Vault
Imagine having dozens of the most rare and sought after synths, samplers and drum machines in the world all inside your computer in one cohesive software bundle. A truly massive collection of vintage gear, with over 5 decades of sound innovation at your fingertips with Vintage Vault it’s yours. Instantly call up your favorite vintage gear, get inspired by the unmistakable authenticity of real hardware samples and tweak to your heart’s content through intuitive and intricately designed UIs.With Vintage Vault you get access to the full line of UVI vintage series virual instruments, a comprehensive collection, covering the history of synthesis from analog to digital and everywhere in-between. Get the authentic tones you’ve been craving at a price that can’t be beat.Real Circuits, Real SoundNo emulations here-all UVI vintage series instruments start with the real thing. Extensive sampling of the highest quality combined with the award-winning UVI Engine XT give you best of both worlds; all the character and soul of real hardware instruments with the ease, efficiency and control provided by modern software. Take your productions to the next level with the raw sound and uncompromising quality of UVI Instruments.Where Inspiration and Creativity MeetLush pads from that monster 80’s analog polyphonic synth? Done. Crisp bells from that ultra-rare FM synth? Done. Evolving soundscapes from that famous vector synth? Done. What about all of those obscure drum machines from the 80’s? Done. Whether you’re looking for an iconic sound from your favorite vintage pop-song or film score, or you want to design your own sounds from scratch with these rare machines, you’ll never run out of inspiration or creative options.Streamlined InterfacesAll UVI instruments use a common architecture, meaning that regardless of whether it’s a wavetable synth, monophonic analog or tape-based sampleGeneral Software type: Virtual instrumentPlug-in format(s): VST, RTAS, AAXComputer platform: Mac & WindowsDelivery: Boxed (USB drive)Version: Full versionSound Library Total library size: 63GBBundled plug-ins: 36Sound generation: Sample-basedIntegrated effects: NoStandalone: YesExpandable: NoMinimum System RequirementsFree hard drive space: 63GBMin. / recommended RAM: 4GB, 8GBAuthorization: iLok account (free)Mac requirements: OSX 10.7Windows requirements: Windows 764-bit compatibile: Info not available
UVI, Software Synths & Samplers Software VintageVault
Price Info: Uvi Vintage …