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Ld Systems Maui 5 Sat Transport …

Ld Systems Maui 5 Sat Transport  ...LD Systems – Ld Systems Maui 5 Sat Transport Bag
Made of abrasion resistant and water repellent ballistic 1680D nylon, the MAUI 5 column bag is designed for convenient transport and protection. It features a rugged heavy gauge zipper, an accessory compartment for cables etc. and thick 8 mm padding. The bag holds all three MAUI 5 column elements.Product number:LDM5SATBAGMaterial:Nylon 1680DThickness of the padding:8mmLatch:zipWeight:1.1kg
LD Systems, Speaker Gig Bags LDS-M5SATBAG

Ld Systems Dave 12 G3 Compact 12″ Active Pa …

Ld Systems Dave 12 G3 Compact 12LD Systems – Ld Systems Dave 12 G3 Compact 12″ Active Pa System
The new LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 is the perfect active PA system for high-powered live gigs, multimedia presentations, and permanent installations in bars and clubs. A 12″ bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5″ drivers and HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural mids, and clear treble. The 2.1 power amp stage is built into the subwoofer and provides the system components with 2000 W Peak power. The soul of the DAVE 12 G3 is the LD LECC DSP digital signal processor, which controls all important system functions. It includes specially amplitude and low-latency optimized crossovers, separate equalizers and limiters for the bass, mid, and treble frequency ranges, and a dynamic compressor that controls the subwoofer according to volume and provides for increased punch at low volumes. The professional full range of features of the DAVE 12 G3 includes sturdy multiplex cabinets, all important protection circuits, RCA, XLR/jack combo and Speakon-compatible connectors, and ergonomically shaped, recessed handles. The LD “Evolutive” handles of the subwoofer are an important innovation with a metal ring handle that permits a secure and convenient grip from all sides. For accurate vertical orientation of the satellites, the speaker supports are vertically adjustable by 13.5 in seven increments. Protection covers for the system components and a castor board with a lashing strap for easy transport are available as accessories. Matching speaker stands, spacer tubes, and mounting forks are also available separately. The DAVE 12 G3 system is ideally suited for portable use and also makes a great impression in permanent installations.
LD Systems, Live Sound Packages LDS-DAVE12G3

Ld Systems Maui 44 Sat Transport …

Ld Systems Maui 44 Sat Transport  ...LD Systems – Ld Systems Maui 44 Sat Transport Bag
Carrying bag with shoulder strap, padding and zipper. Offers optimum protection for each part of the 2-part column speaker. For the transport of a complete LDMAUI44 system, two satellite bags and a subwoofer bag are required.Product number:LDM44SATBAGProduct type:bagMaterial:nylonWeight:1kg
LD Systems, Speaker Gig Bags LDS-M44SATBAG

Ld Systems Curv 500 Power Extension …

Ld Systems Curv 500 Power Extension  ...LD Systems – Ld Systems Curv 500 Power Extension Set
If you want to upgrade your CURV 500 Entertainer Set for more power in the bass range, the Power Extension Set is the right choice. Visually aligned with the award-winning CURV 500 design, the Extension set includes an Extension Subwoofer, four array satellites, a SmartLink Adapter, a distance bar and speaker cable, but comes without a mixer. It has 300 watts RMS and 1200 watts peak for the bass reproduction, and the four satellites rely on a power amplifier with 160 watts RMS or 640 watts Peak. The Class D power amplifiers with switching power supply provide the necessary power.The four satellites are operated via SmartLink adapters. The elements, only 5 x 5, are equipped with LD System’s own WaveAhead technology; one 4″ and three 1″ drivers provide a coherent and extremely detailed playback with high pressure and dynamics.The 10 woofer resides in a black bass-reflex cabinet made of plywood. The cabinet, equipped with PA-protective coating, weighs 36 lb. and is easily transported by means of three ergonomically shaped handles. In addition to a DSP-based multiband limiter, protection circuits prevent short circuits, overheating or overloading and ensure safe operation. The humming noises caused by variations in the grounding potentials can be avoided with the ground lift function. The M20 threaded flange on the subwoofer gives a firm hold to the adjustable distance bar and the locking mechanism secures the array satellites against unwanted turning. The system cabling is carried out with the five-pin XLR input; an additional subwoofer can also be connected to the five-pin XLR output socket.
LD Systems, Powered PA Speakers LDS-CURV500PES

Ld Systems Pair Of Speaker Stands With Carry …

Ld Systems Pair Of Speaker Stands With Carry  ...LD Systems – Ld Systems Pair Of Speaker Stands With Carry Bag And 2 Speakon Cables For Dave 8 System
This set consists of two robust speaker stands for the DAVE 8 Roadie and DAVE 8 XS satellite speakers, two 15 speaker cables (Speakon compatible) and a high-quality, padded transport bag for both speaker stands.
LD Systems, Speaker Gig Bags LDS DAVE8-SET2