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Electro-Voice Sx250 2-Way Full-Range 15″ …

Electro-Voice Sx250 2-Way Full-Range 15Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Sx250 2-Way Full-Range 15″ Passive Speaker
The Sx250 reflects all of the chief design considerations that initially inspired the Sx systems: flexibility, portability, and high acoustic output.The Sx250 is constructed with 18mm plywood finished in a sprayed on polyurethane finish that resists nicks and dings, is naturally weather resistant and can be easily painted. Sx250s components are protected by a 16-gauge steel grille with cloth backing for a polished, professional look.The Sx250 uses components that have toured the world in EV concert systems including the D2010A 1.25-inch diameter pure titanium compression driver and the DL15BFH 15-inch cast frame woofer. The Sx250 uses a constant directivity horn with EVs patented TimePathTM phase plug for wide dispersion, yet with better control and projection than 90 degree horns.The Sx250 also has EVs Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMDTM) technology for pure, clean vocals and detailed mids over a wide range of SPLs. The Sx250s sound is very accurate with full-range fidelity that has high intelligibility for either voice or music reproduction.Small-format 15-inch two-way full-rangespeaker system18 mm plywood enclosureEVCoatTM finish is rugged and weatherresistantDH2010A pure titanium compression drivercoupled to an 80o x 55o Constant-directivityhornEV 15-inch cast-frame woofer50 Hz usable bass responseMetal stand mount built in
Electro-Voice, Unpowered PA Speakers F.01U.117.584

Electro-Voice Tx1181 Tour-X Single 18″ …

Electro-Voice Tx1181 Tour-X Single 18Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Tx1181 Tour-X Single 18″ Subwoofer Black
The Electro-Voice TX1181 Tour-X is a high-power subwoofer that extends the low frequency performance of the EV TX1122 and TX1152 loudspeaker systems. The TX1181 Tour-X subwoofer uses the EVS-18S, a high-excursion 18″ woofer, coupled to well-braced enclosure with large, low distortion ports, to add high-impact bass response to any fullrange loudspeaker. An integrated low-pass filter allows the Electro-Voice TX1181 Subwoofer to be connected in parallel with a TX1122 or TX1152 on a single amplifier channel, eliminating the need for additional amplifier channels and processing. The EV TX1181 subwoofer has many features that make it a versatile subwoofer system. The enclosure is constructed out of a combination of MDF and plywood, and coated with EVCoat for maximum strength and durability. The unique grille design is very strong, dent resistant, and features a rotatable logo. Four-way handles allow for gripping the TX1181 in a variety of positions. The recessed input panel with dual NL4 connectors keeps the connectors hidden and allows for closer placement to a wall or other boundary. An integrated pole mount allows for elevating a TX1122 or TX1152, and integrated mounting points on the rear of the enclosure allow the optional TX-W1 wheel kit to be attached for easy portability.Single 18″ direct-radiatingEVS-18S 18″ (457mm) LF transducer100dB sensitivity, 132dB maximum SPLIntegrated low pass filter with 6dB/octave slope500W continuous 2000W peak power handlingPole mount to elevate a two-way loudspeakerMounting points to attach optional TX-W1 wheel kit
Electro-Voice, Unpowered Stage Subwoofers F.01U.302.275

Electro-Voice Pl37 Small Diaphragm Condenser …

Electro-Voice Pl37 Small Diaphragm Condenser  ...Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Pl37 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
The PL37 small diaphragm condenser overhead cymbal and instrument microphone redefines exceptional price-to-performance standards in its class. With a tight cardioid polar pattern that minimizes off-axis bleed, magnificent transient response, and high-SPL input capacity, it surpasses the sonic performance characteristics of competitive models costing up to twice as much. Equally suited for live or studio miking situations, the PL37 is well on its way toward acceptance as a true workhorse microphone.Element Type: Self-Biased CondenserFreq Response: 50 Hz – 16,000 HzPolar Pattern: CardioidSensitivity: 6.0 mV/PaImpedance: 200 ohmsConnector: 3-pin, XLR-typeAccessories Included: Locking stand adapter with Euro-thread adapter, Soft zippered gig bag
Electro-Voice, Condenser Microphones F.01U.120.621

Electro-Voice Re2-N7 Wireless System With Ev …

Electro-Voice Re2-N7 Wireless System With Ev  ...Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Re2-N7 Wireless System With Ev 767A Dynamic Element
The RE-2 Wireless Microphone system combines frequency agility and ease of use like no other. The RE-2 transmitters and receivers operate over a 24 MHz band width in the UHF portion of the Radio Frequency spectrum. The high quality audio circuitry and advanced Radio Frequency (RF) signal processing offer broadcast quality signal-to-noise and audio clarity. The RE2-N7 System includes the RE-2 Diversity Receiver and the HTU2PRO Transmitter with N/D 767a Cardiod Dynamic Microphone Element.RE-2 ReceiverOne-touch Auto-ClearScanProgrammable in 25kHz steps across 28 MHzoperating bandwidthBacklit LCD displays the Group, Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery level, diversity operation, RF, and Audio signal level metersBalanced XLR audio output for Microphone or Line level signals and a1/4-inch line level jackFourth-generation Posi-phase diversity and advanced audio circuitsUnique “Guitar” settingDetachable 1/4 wave antennas RE-2 UHF TransmitterUnique “smart” batteryLCD Displays Group and Channel, Frequency, or Battery LevelLow battery LEDOne On/Off button that also acts as a muteOn/Off button can be disabled RE-2 UHF HandheldNDYM 767a Dynamic premium vocal microphonewith VOBTM(Vocal-Optimized-Bass)Internal 1/2-wave antenna
Electro-Voice, Handheld Microphone Wireless Systems F.01U.146.117

Electro-Voice Zx5-90 15″ 600W Passive Pa …

Electro-Voice Zx5-90 15Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Zx5-90 15″ 600W Passive Pa Speaker Black
The Electro-Voice Zx5 is a 15″, two-way cabinet with the most elegant, high-impact, composite enclosure, featuring the newest generation of EV components: The DXV3150 500-watt, 15″ woofer and the 2″ neodymium ND2 compression driver.The Zx5 is rated for 600-watt, long-term power handling and is able to produce high SPLs while providing a very smooth frequency response. With two available coverage patterns (60 x 60 or 90 x 50), two adjustable monitor angles (45 or 55) and ten built-in rigging and suspension points allow for a variety of mounting accessories, the Zx5 fits a variety of applications such as installations of individual speakers or clusters in entertainment, houses-of-worship, as well as on stage with bands, musicians, and PA rental companies.DVX3150 15″ LF transducer with forced air coolingND2 2″ voice coil, 1″ exit neodymium compression driver90 x 50 coverage pattern600W continuous (2400W) powerhandlingHigh sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPLAdjustable monitor angle (45 or 55)3 anchor plates for single stud fittings and10 integral suspension pointsAvailable in black or whitePassive/bi-amp selectableFull line of accessories
Electro-Voice, Unpowered PA Speakers 301523001

Electro-Voice Elx118 Live X Series Passive …

Electro-Voice Elx118 Live X Series Passive  ...Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Elx118 Live X Series Passive 18″ Subwoofer And Cover Kit
Part of Electro-Voice’s Live X series of portable powered and passive loudspeakers, the ELX118 can be used with a wide range of amplifiers, due to its exceptionally efficient design and power handling capability. Designed with the latest Electro-Voice-engineered woofer and 1.5″ titanium compression driver, the ELX118 18″ passive subwoofer provides exceptional audio quality with 400W power handling (1600W peak), exceptional SPL output, and a 50Hz-100Hz frequency response. The ELX118 is constructed of 9-ply, 15mm plywood, and is internally braced, making it sturdy yet completely portable. It has built-in side handles for transport, and pole mount for mounting other speakers from the Live X series on top.This kit comes with a rugged, custom-fit logo cover with holes cut for handle access. Protect your investment!Electro-Voice-engineered 18″ wooferprovide exceptional audio qualityOutstanding crossover performanceLightweight materials, balanced design, and ergonomic handles for convenient transport, set up, and load outStylish-yet-rugged 15mm plywood construction with textured finish says serious gear on any stageEasy to connect and control with versatile input and output options
Electro-Voice, Unpowered Stage Subwoofers ELX118 Kit

Electro-Voice Re27n/D Dynamic Cardioid …

Electro-Voice Re27n/D Dynamic Cardioid  ...Electro-Voice – Electro-Voice Re27n/D Dynamic Cardioid Multipurpose Microphone
The Electro-Voice RE27N/D is a dynamic cardioid multipurpose microphone that delivers studio-quality condenser performance from a self-generating dynamic transducer. It has a switch-selected EQ; internal shock, pop, and wind protection; and exceptional sensitivity for high signal-to-noise ratio. Wide-range uniform frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz. Sensitivity: -51dB @ 1,000Hz. 3-year warranty.Requires phantom power.Dynamic cardioid microphoneReduces proximity effect to maintain uniform LF response at any distance3 switchable filters: one high frequency, 2 low frequencies, and an internal blast/wind filter cover3-year warranty
Electro-Voice, Dynamic Microphones F.01U.117.390