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Ui12 +Syrincs D110SP Set

Soundcraft Ui12 +Syrincs D110SP Set PA EquipmentUi12 +Syrincs D110SP Set

– Bundle offer comprising – Soundcraft Ui12 – 12-Channel Digital Mixer – Tablet/Smartphone/PC controlled – With integrated stagebox and DSP – Integrated Wi-Fi / Ethernet – Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer algorithms – Lexicon effects – dbx AFS2 feedback suppression – Digitech amp modelling – 2 Track USB playback – Storable Gain and +48V status – 120 Band Real Time analyser (on inputs and outputs) – Input channels with parametric 4-Band EQ, Gate, Compressor, De-Esser and high-pass filter – 3 Lexicon effects processors: reverb, delay and chorus – 31-Band graphic EQ and compressor on all … [read more…]
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