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Xchange Epix Bundle  ...XCHANGE – Xchange Epix Bundle 10
You can’t work with music in today’s digital world without computers and software, and EPIX-BUNDLE 10 pairs together some of the most important pieces of music software titles from 25 of the world`s best music technology companies, vital tools you need to work quickly and efficiently with top-quality audio results. EPIX-BUNDLE 10 offers a vast and inspiring collection of 41 Instruments, Drums and Percussion, Mixing and Mastering Effects, DJ tools, Tutorials, Utilities and an award-winning professional DAW. This collection highlights some of the best products the ever-expanding universe of music software brings to production studios big and small the world over. Best of all, EPIX-BUNDLE 10 offers all these tools at an unbelievable, working-musician price.Antares Sybil Evo – Variable frequency de-esser for vocalsDon’t let sibilance ruin an otherwise perfect vocal take! Pop filters can only do so much. When you need to remove pesky sibilance from a track, you need the right tools that will get the job done. That’s why Antares makes the SYBIL Evo plug-in.This amazing De-Esser lets you take care of sibilance issues with precision, so you keep the integrity of the track. SYBIL Evo gives you threshold, attack, decay, and ratio controls. You also get a variable side chain high pass frequency control, so you can do your magic on a wide range of vocal tracks. SYBIL Evo is easy to use and very effective. Tames sibilance precisely and effectively Threshold, attack, decay, and ratio controls Variable side chain high pass frequencyAntares Aspire Evo – Modify breathiness & raspiness of vocalsASPIRE Evo is the world’s first tool for modifying the breathiness of voices independently of the harmonic content. Whether it’s reducing a bit of vocal rasp or increasing a bit of smokiness, ASPIRE allows for easy modifications that easily transform yoAntares Sybil EvoAntares Aspire EvoArturia Analog LabArturia Spark EDMBlue Cat Audio Multi-PackCakewalk Z3TA+ 2Cakewalk CA-2ACelemony Melodyne EssentialsD16 NephatonEisenberg EinklangGobblerGroove 3 (1-Year Pass)IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 MetalIK Multimedia T-RackS 3 DeluxeImageline Groove MachineImageline Deckadance 2Loop Loft The Producer PackMagix Analog Modeling SuiteNUGEN Audio ISLOhm Force SynthohmOhm Force OhmboyzOhm Force MobilohmOhm Force HematohmPresonus Studio One ProducerPSP Audioware PSP 85PSP Audioware BusspressorSFX Machine ProSteven Slate SSD 4 EXSmithson Martin Emulator ProSonnox TransModSugar Bytes UniqueUVI Synths AnthologyUVI Tines AnthologyXILS OxiumXLN Audio Modern UprightXLN Audio Studio Grand
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