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Wave Machine Labs Dan’s House Vintage Drums …

Wave Machine Labs Dan's House Vintage Drums  ...Wave Machine Labs – Wave Machine Labs Dan’s House Vintage Drums Collection Sample Library
The Dan’s House Vintage Drums collection features 10 classic snare drums, 4 rack toms, 5 floor toms, and 6 bass drums. The samples were recorded with top-shelf gear and carefully mixed to give you all the detail and impact heard live in the studio. This virtual instrument collection can be used with the Drumagog Drum Replacer Plug-in also from Wave Machine Labs.Drums used in this sample collection include Gretsch, Rogers, Slingerland, Radio King, Pearl, Yamaha, Leedy, Ludwig and Eames, dating from the ’20s through the ’80s, including a full 1967 Ludwig Club Date kit.Vintage Neve 1272 preamps and an Apogee PSX 100 analog-to-digital converter were used in the recording signal chain, so the GOG files are true-to-life samples of these great-sounding, hard to find drums!No processing was used on the samples – no eq, reverb, compression, or gating. What you hear is just the sound of the percussion instrument recorded with great gear, allowed to decay fully and naturally.Although these virtual drums are collector’s items, they don’t spend their lives on the shelf. They’re actively used at gigs and in the studio. (The ’67 Ludwig kit was just used for tracking some of Paul Simon’s stuff in 2003.) These are working instruments!The Sample ProcessEach drum sample was recorded with a dynamic mike at a distance of a few inches, a large diaphragm condenser mike at a distance of a few feet, and a pair of large diaphragm condenser mikes about 8′ from the drum, and 10′ apart to capture a stereo image. The two close-mike tracks were carefully phase-corrected, but the stereo track was left with a natural delay of about 3 ms to give a slight ambiance. The three sources were then balanced and mixed down to create the stereo samples in the collection. No processing was added in the signal chain.Each snare is represented with a total of 138 samples, covering a wide of range of sounds, from tight and muted to open anDrums used in this collection: Snares:1940’s Leedy Broadway, white marine pearl, 8 X 14″1950’s Slingerland RadioKing, natural finish, 5 1/2 X 14 “1960’s Gretsch Renowned round badge, marine pearl finish, 5 1/2 X 14″1970’s Gretsch aluminum shell, stop-sign badge, 5 1/2 X 14″1969 Ludwig Super Sensitive, chrome over steel, 5 X 14″1937 Leedy Broadway Standard, blue/silver duco finish, 6 1/2 X 14″1959 Slingerland Standard, blue/silver duco finish, 5 1/2 X 14″1960’s Gretsch Renowned round badge, natural finish, 5 1/2 X 14″1920’s Ludwig tube lug, nickel over brass, 4 X 141950’s Rogers piccolo, gold sparkle, 3 X 13Rack toms:1980’s Gretsch, natural finish, 8 X 10″1967 Ludwig Club Date, burgundy sparkle finish, 8 X 12″1960’s Gretsch, natural finish, 8 X 121980’s Pearl, black lacquer, 11 X 13Floor toms:1980’s Gretsch square badge, natural finish, 14 X 14″1967 Ludwig Club Date, burgundy sp
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Wave Machine Labs Drumagog Pro Version …

Wave Machine Labs Drumagog Pro Version  ...Wave Machine Labs – Wave Machine Labs Drumagog Pro Version 5
Drumagog 5 is a software plug-in that replaces acoustic drum tracks with your choice of other samples. But Drumagog also offers the “secret weapons” top mix engineers use to give hit records polish and power, including reverb, a built-in synth, exclusive Morph Engine, and VST plug-in hosting, which lets you use sounds from any VST virtual instrument. It is this exclusive combination of replacement and enhancement tools that has made Drumagog the industry standard for more than a decade.Drumagog Pro 5 includes the following features:- Advanced Triggering Mode- Multi-Sample support- Included 6 GB Sample Library- Visual Triggering- Live Triggering Mode- Favorites List- Pitch Control- Synthesizer- MIDI In/Out- Stealth Mode- Room Samples- Auto Align 2.0- Bleed ReductionNot included in Drumagog Pro 5* :- Hi-Hat Tracking- Convolution Reverb- Morph Engine- Plug-in Hosting*All features above are included in Drumagog Platinum 5 (see #H72805)Drumagog 5 features overview:Advanced triggering engine catches all, even hi-hat articulationsDrumagog’s already powerful triggering engine has been improved to precisely track the most demanding drum tracks. Complicated rolls and flams are no match for Drumagog 5’s new triggering engine, which can even calculate and distinguish between right and left hand hits. What’s more, Drumagog 5 is the only replacer that can actually track hi-hats’ open, half-open, and closed articulations (Platinum version only). And for helping isolate tracks from unwanted drum bleed, Drumagog 5 offers two different options. First, Automatic Bleed Reduction will prevent bleed from causing unwanted false triggers. Second, Drumagog is the only product that offers a full-featured trigger filter section, giving you high-pass, lowpass, band, and band-reject filters, each with adjustable frequency, level,Advanced triggering engine catches allSmart algorithm phase-aligns for overall sound to eliminate comb filtering, rather than simply aligning transientsTriggering, dynamic tracking, stealth mode and auto-duckingMatched room and overhead samples from one hit
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