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Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module …

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module  ...Waldorf – Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module Cream
Blofeld is a desktop synthesizer module featuring Waldorf’s legendary Analog Modeling Technology. This generation of modeling is improved in many facets and allows an even more authentic emulation of the analog circuitry it’s based on.Simply twisting Blofeld’s solid aluminum knobs dials you right into the heart of sound. A clearly laid out control matrix allows you instant access to all key parameters. And a jumbo paper-white display lets you navigate easily and confidently through sounds and less frequently used settings.All this comes in a high-quality desktop enclosure loaded with 1000 fully editable Waldorf sounds. The Blofeld synth connects to your computer through for your sound editing and management convenience. What’s more, you can load and play Micro Q sounds without any compromises in audio quality.You also get Spectre, a free tool for creating and transferring sample content for Waldorf Blofeld Module with License SL upgrade installed and Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard (License SL not required for Keyboard). This is NOT a patch editor. Downloand the PC or Mac version and manual here: http://www.waldorfmusic.de/en/archive?relPath=blofeld/spectre.GeneralUp to 50 voices16 part multi timbral1000 sounds100 multi programs7 endless dials5 buttonsGraphical displayStereo outputHeadphone outputMidi inUsb 2.0External power supplyPer voice 3 main oscillatorsPulse with pulse width modulationSawtoothTriangleSineWavetablesFrequency modulation between the oscillatorsOscillator synchronizationNoise generatorRing modulator2 independent multi mode filtersLow pass 24 db / 12 dbBand pass 24 db / 12 dbHigh pass 24 db / 12 dbNotch 24 db / 12 dbPPG filter 24 dbComb filter positive / negative feedbackCascade filter 24 db / 18 db / 12 db / 6 dbModulation matrix with 16 slots, freely programmableVarious pre-routed modulation destinations with selectable sourcesModulation speed far into audio range4 modifiers with various algorithms3 fast lfos (> 2500 hz)4 envelopesDifferent trigger modes per envelopePoly, mono, dual or unison mode with selectable voice countHMT for realtime just-intonationPer partArpeggiator with user pattern, freely programmable including accent, position,length, glide, chords, random notes, etc.Highquality effects include:ChorusFlangerPhaserDistortionRing modulationStereo delayTap delayVocoderReverb
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Waldorf Blofeld …

Waldorf Blofeld  ...Waldorf – Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard
The 49-key Blofeld keyboard is set apart by its user-friendly flexibility when it comes to sample memory. It enables the player to import his or her own sample libraries for near limitless sonic capabilities. As you can imagine, this feature opens up new creative pallets for the musician. This semi-weighted Waldorf keyboard has a very nice professional feel with velocity and aftertouch that players will quickly appreciate after only a few minutes of tickling the plastic ivories. Many of the award-winning features of the current Blofeld module also carry-over into this electronic keyboard. You still get a virtual-analog synthesis and classic wavetables, 60 megabytes of sample memory, pitchblend and modulation wheels, sustain pedal connection, a large graphic display, countless oscillator and filter modulations, endless stainless steel rotaries, and an internal power supply-all in a nice, sleek metal enclosure. You also get Spectre, a free tool for creating and transferring sample content for Waldorf Blofeld Module with License SL upgrade installed and Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard (License SL not required for Keyboard). This is NOT a patch editor. Downloand the PC or Mac version and manual here: http://www.waldorfmusic.de/en/archive?relPath=blofeld/spectre.60MB sample memoryVirtual analog, wavetable, and sample-based oscillatorsHigh-quality semi-weighted keyboard with 49 keys, velocity, and aftertouchInternal power supply (100-240V, 50-60Hz)Pitchbend wheelModulation wheelSustain pedal connectorOctave Up / Down buttonsFreely programmable buttonSturdy metal enclosure7 endless stainless steel dialsGraphic display 128 x 64 pixels, B/W, white background LEDMore than 1000 sounds3 Oscillators per voiceFrequency modulation between oscillatorsAll Q oscillator modelsAll Microwave II/XT/XTk wavetables2 independent multi mode Filters per voiceFilter FM2 Drive stages per voice with selectable Drive Curves3 Fast LFOs per voice4 Fast Envelopes per voiceFreely programmable Arpeggiator Pattern with up to 16 steps per soundUp to 25 voices16 part multitimbralMore than 1000 sounds8 buttonsMIDI LEDVolume controlPower switchStereo outputHeadphone outputMIDI Input/OutputUSB interface for MIDI In/OutUses standard USB MIDI driver provided by host computer OSPer VoicePoly, Mono, Dual, or Unisono Mode with selectable Voice CountFrequency modulation between the oscillatorsOscillator synchronizationRing modulator for Osc 1/2Noise Generator with Noise ColourVirtual analog models:Pulse with Pulse Width Modulation and adjustable BrillianceSawtooth with adjustable BrillianceTriangleSineWavetables:Q Alt 1 and Alt 2 Wavetable with adjustable BrillianceAll wavetables from Microwave II/XT/XTk Series with adjustable BrillianceS
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Waldorf Pulse 2 …

Waldorf Pulse 2  ...Waldorf – Waldorf Pulse 2 Synthesizer
Analog synthesizer sound has not lost its mystique since its first inception. As digital control over analog functions improves, newer, more powerful analog synth designs continue to evolve, and Waldorf is at the absolute forefront of that research and development. The Pulse 2 is a brilliant reiteration of the sounds that sparked a musical revolution, but with unprecedented control and editing capacity.The new Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer is proof that good things come to those who wait. Ever since Waldorf discontinued its original rack-mountable Pulse and Pulse+ programmable analog synths, those Nineties electronic music dominating sounds have been highly sought-after. Which was exactly what put the development of an all-new Pulse fit for the 21st Century into overdrive.As an all-new, all-analog synthesizer design, Pulse 2 flawlessly delivers exactly what synth connoisseurs around the world have been craving for quite some time – three analogue oscillators living in perfect harmony with a VCF (VoltageControlled Filter). But the development did not stop there: the fresh filter circuits in the Pulse 2 now offer 12dB Highpass and Bandpass modes in addition to 24dB/12dB Lowpass for strengthened sound-sculpting flexibility, along with an analog Filter FM, two Overdrive circuits, and Ring Modulation from OSC 3, together with Paraphonic and Unison modes allowing up to eight-voice chords – a fantastic feature found on the recently-released Rocket Synthesizer.Pulse 2 is housed in a sturdy metal desktop casing. Alongside its generous 128×64-character backlit LCD, eight eye-catching stainless steel knobs are available to nimbly navigate through the parameter matrix – logically laid out across the front panel for all to see at all times, set the master Volume, and easily edit display-accessible parameters.Connectivity comes well catered for courtesy of USB, MIDI In, MIDI Out, Ext In (external analogue signal input), line OUT, and headphone outpLow profile desktop designThree oscillatorsThrilling soundsRugged construction
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