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Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Reload  ...Two Notes Audio Engineering – Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Reload Advanced Attenuator
If you are serious about recorded guitar tone, you need to look at the Torpedo Reload by Two Notes Engineering. It is a brilliantly designed amalgam of four critical components of your recording signal path.Two Notes culture is steeped in their reputation as a premier manufacturer of cabinemt simulators. The engineers at Two Notes have bridged a technological gap with the Torpedo Reload that marries this core competency with a power attenuator, a multi-impedance loadbox, a DI and re-amping box, and have done it perfectly.The Two Notes philosophy stands in one word, transparency. The tone must come from your guitar, your amp and cabinet – not from the electronics that between parts of your regular setup.Attenuators are usually known for the negative impact they have on your tone in cases of heavy attenuation. On the contrary, the Reactive-Active technology presents your amplifier with a consistent speaker’s impedance no matter what level of attenuation you’re at, and thus preserves the specific character of your amplifier. With a choice of 4, 8, or 16 Ohms, your amplifier (up to 150W RMS) will actually see real speaker impedance, and your tone will remain constant throughout the continuous attenuation curve.The result of years of research, the Re-act technology (Reactive-Active Attenuator) will tame your amplifier without ever betraying it. From 0dB attenuation to total silencing, you can nonetheless choose between absolute transparency to more vintage or modern tone coloring with the Contour.HI-Z DI BoxPlug your guitar into the DI Input and send that signal to your recorder. At that stage what you want is clarity and Two Notes preserves your guitar’s tone, as you will certainly want to re-inject it into your amp through the Replay.ReplayOne of the most interesting options in studios nowadays: play the guitar one day, and mike the amp (or many different amps) another. The Torpedo
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Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B.  ...Two Notes Audio Engineering – Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. Digital Speaker Cabinet Simulator Pedal
The Torpedo C.A.B. is a high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It is not a loadbox, but it does include all the great features of the Torpedo Live, together with an input stage specifically tailored to accept pedal-level signals.The Torpedo C.A.B. features 2 user-assignable footswitches. Assignable functions include Preset selection, Bypass, Mute, EQ On/Off and more. Musicians equipped with MIDI rigs will be able to remote-control the Torpedo C.A.B. via MIDI.Two Notes knows you love those little effects stompboxes and they definitely want you to use them with the Torpedo C.A.B. Place it at the end of your effect chain and all need to carry your amp will be gone. Plug it into the PA and you will be ready to go with a great sound.Power amp simulationFour tube types: EL84, EL34, 6L6, KT88Two different circuit topologies: classe A / single ended, classe AB / push pullTwo different modes: pentode, triodeSettings: Volume, Presence, Depth, Pentode / Triode switchAvailable guitar cab models2Notes CSG: Two Notes Custom 112 ElectroVoice EVM12LAlichino: Cornford Harlequin 112″ OB CelInput stage specifically designed to accept pedal-level signalsSpeaker & miking simulation powered by Torpedo technology (32 slots, and over 45 cabs available)96 kHz / 32-bit float signal processing3rd-party IR compatible (512 available slots)Included 5-band EQ with guitar and bass modesI/Os: Switchable Guitar/Line In, switchable Amp/Line out, Headphones, USB remote control
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Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live  ...Two Notes Audio Engineering – Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/ Speaker Simulator
The Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/Speaker Simulator is a combination of an analog REACTIVE 100W RMS loadbox and a powerful 32-bit DSP. The Torpedo Live was directly inspired by the critically acclaimed Torpedo VB-101, the first-ever digital loadbox to have hit the market.Your onboard cab collectionCarry up to 32 Two Notes cabs to choose from their ever growing cab collection (currently more than 45 cabs are available) in a single rack space unit.Mic arsenalEight carefully selected microphones ready to capture your best guitar riffs. Whether you need a classic dynamic, a sweet ribbon or a high fidelity condenser mic, you have them all inside the box!Mike like a ProWant more focus? Get closer to the cone. Two Notes’ exclusive proprietary cabinet and microphone measurement technology accurately emulates the sound and process of miking a guitar or bass cabinet in a professional recording studio.Onboard Power Amp SimulationFor those playing with guitar preamps, Two Notes Audio included all the fantastic sounding tube power amp emulations originally developed for the Torpedo VM-202. Keep yoInput impedance: 8 ohms fixedMax input power: 100W RMSControlled ventilation and thermal security: amp and musician are perfectly safePower inputSpeaker outputUnbalanced line inputBalanced line outputFront panel stereo headphone outputS/PDIF output (48/96 kHz)MIDI InputUSB24 bits / 96 kHz AD/DA convertorsS/N ratio : 100dB32 bits float internal processingLatency = 3 ms
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