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Tsoundpro Duet Breakout …

Tsoundpro Duet Breakout  ...TSoundPro – Tsoundpro Duet Breakout Interface
Providing durability with professional quality, the TSoundPro duet:BREAKOUT box replaces the breakout cable that Apogee provides, thus transforming the duet into the roadworthy audio interface it was meant to be. Whether you are trying to avoid a “rats-nest of cableage”; demand a greater distance between your duet and its I/O; require different connectors other than the supplied break out cable; or you are simply tired of replacing your breakout cable; the duet:BREAKOUT is the solution every Apogee Duet owner needs. Each TSoundPro BREAKOUT audio interface is handmade and assembled, ensuring a hassle-free product, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.With each purchase of a TSoundPro duet audio interface, you are entitled to 1 Free “SexChange”. This allows you to get the connectors you need to match the equipment you are using. You have a choice of either 1/4″ or RCA outputs.Provides quality I/O for duetDurable road ready housingHigh quality cableGreater distance of Duets I/ONo more tangled wiresEliminates ground buzz
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