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Trick Drums Pro 1 V Retrofit Chain …

Trick Drums Pro 1 V Retrofit Chain  ...Trick – Trick Drums Pro 1 V Retrofit Chain Kit
This PRO 1 V Retrofit Chain Kit can help turn a direct drive PRO 1 V or Bigfoot into a chain drive in less than one minute. The chain drive has a unique 3-point pin system which allows the user to change the position of the chain (thus the feel) simply by loosening a screw and moving the chain hub. The cam still functions like an existing direct drive models where by rotating the cam on the center axis the user can adjust the foot boards angle.
Trick, Drum Pedal Parts P1VCK

Trick Drums Pro 1 V Bigfoot Chain Drive …

Trick Drums Pro 1 V Bigfoot Chain Drive  ...Trick – Trick Drums Pro 1 V Bigfoot Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
The Pro 1-V Bigfoot by Trick Drums is almost identical to the Pro 1-V short board with the exception of the 13-inch footboards. The longer footboard and lack of a heel block suits any style and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing trends in kick pedals. What makes the Trick pedals the most unique is that a double pedal can be split to become two single pedals.The long footboards change the pivot point of the kick pedals and gives the player more foot room. It is rumored that this type of design caters better to certain styles such as heel-toe. The pedal is constructed with all machined parts and aerospace-grade bearings for superior quality and durability. Each pedal is hand-assembled and inspected.The Pro 1-V Bigfoot also has a host of features designed with the drummer in mind and most of which are protected by US patents. The innovations include a split-cam for independent pedal/beater adjustments, a height-adjustment cluster to adjust the stroke speed of the pedal and much more.The last, but certainly not least, notable feature of the Trick pedals is the ZERO latency ZERO backlash drive shaft. This drive shaft, for the double pedals, operates on 8 bearings and is the cleanest and fastest in the world. This takes the pedal to a whole new level.All machined parts – NO DIE CAST – for superior quality and toughnessPrecision aerospace grade bearingsHand assembled and inspectedSplit-Cam design to allow adjustment of beater and pedal angles independentlySlide-Trac hoop clamp adjustment providing variable distance for the pedal from the kick drumHighly accessible and extremely easy to use tension adjustment knobMultiple height adjustment cluster to adjust the stroke speed of the pedalInternal compression spring technology
Trick, Double Drum Pedals PIV2BFC

Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Single Bass …

Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Single Bass  ...Trick – Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Single Bass Drum Pedal
The Trick Pro 1-V Detonator Single Bass Drum Pedal is an engineering marvel. It features innovative design elements, aerospace materials – titanium, billet aluminum, stainless and hardened steel – and machined on the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment. These technical innovations result in one thing: A pedal that plays like no other.Compression Spring TechnologyThe Pro 1-V Detonator utilizes an internally housed compression spring. Compression springs have the ability to “cycle” faster and utilize energy more efficiently. The benefit is a pedal that will react as fast as your foot. The compression spring works with the profiled cam follower to reduce the amount of spring tension build-up as the beater approaches the drum head; this gives you a more fluid stroke from beginning to end. Spring tension is adjustable while you’re playing-simply turn the spring dial that’s conveniently located within easy reach at the top of the main housingImagine no longer having to remove your pedal from the hoop to change tension settings. Independent Split-Cam SystemBecause of the split-cam systems design, you can now change the attitude and attack of the pedal in seconds. Trick’s fully independent split cam system allows the player to infinitely and independently adjust the beater from the drive cam angle with a 360-degree range of smooth yet solid settings. This system also allows for immediate conversion of the Pro 1-V Detonator into a cocktail kit pedal or a triggering pedal. Multi-Position Stroke Adjustment ClusterThis three position cluster is an integral part of the sophisticated geometry at work on the Pro 1-V Detonator. It gives the player separate adjustments for the footboard angle, pedal action, and throw. This feature is patent pending.BeatersUniversally adjustable, the Pro 1-V Detonator Bass Drum Beaters can be easily moved to any height/an
Trick, Single Drum Pedals P1V1

Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Beater …

Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Beater  ...Trick – Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Beater Aluminum
The Pro 1-V beater head may be attached anywhere along the length of the shaft. This feature allows quick changes of vertical placement as well as beater angle, giving you greater flexibility with different bass drum diameters. This feature also allows the weight to be placed above or below the beater head. The Pro 1-V beater also has a removable face, so different surfaces can be installed in seconds.
Trick, Bass Drum Beaters PRO1V4A

Trick Drums Dominator Double …

Trick Drums Dominator Double  ...Trick – Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal
Designed and constructed like the original Pro 1-V, the Trick Dominator brings the same great mechanical design, technology, and build quality to a more affordable model. The Dominator still comes standard with aerospace-quality, high-precision machined parts. Its standard features include Trick’s compression spring technology, independent fully adjustable beater and drive cams, Trick’s exclusive on-the-fly tension adjustability, and spring-loaded quick-release hoop clamp. The double version comes standard with Trick’s patent pending, free floating, zero-backlash drive shaft.
Trick, Double Drum Pedals DOM2

Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release Silver 3 …

Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release Silver 3  ...Trick – Trick Drums Cymbal Quick Release Silver 3 Pack
The Cymbal Quick Release topper from Trick is based on proven technology and is one of the first to integrate such technology into a musical instrument application. Already used by some of the hardest hitters in the business, this topper has proven to protect your cymbals and reduce break down and set up times.This two-pack contains two felt washers, two quick-release nuts and two height-adustable cymbal sleeves.
Trick, Cymbal Holders & Hardware QKRLS3

Trick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double P1v & …

Trick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double P1v &  ...Trick – Trick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double P1v & Bigfoot
The SB-1 Laser Kick Drum Trigger System from Trick Drums was developed after years of hearing concerns on triggering from some of the fastest, heaviest drummers on the planet. Trick set out to not only make an accurate trigger, but also a trigger that would work in any conditions without flaw. The goal of the SB-1 was make it compatible with any format of drum brain* and with any configuration of drums be it single or double.The SB1 Foot Switch is the nerve center of the operation. This unit powers the laser housings, collects all of the data from the triggers, and sends it all out to the drum brain. This is also the switch for Ludicrous Speed – a feature that detects both forward momentum as well as backwards momentum allowing for a double trigger. There are 2, 1/4 inch outputs for the brain, these can be put into a cable and combined if your brain only supports one input. There are 2, 5 pin cable inputs that go to the triggers. These are not MIDI cable and any attempt to plug them into midi devices can cause component damage.The trigger housing has a simple single point screw to tighten them to the pedal and a 5 pin cable port to connect to theFlawless sensory laserState-of-the-art circtuitryFeaturing semi-transparent durable delrin faceBrushed steel designMatte black powder-coated exteriorSolid aluminum housing w/laser etchingLED backlit-powered logoLudicrous speed toggle switch
Trick, Acoustic Triggers SB1RG2

Trick Drums Carnauba Piano Care …

Trick Drums Carnauba Piano Care  ...Trick – Trick Drums Carnauba Piano Care Kit
Trick Carnauba Piano Care Kit contains Piano Polish (4 fl. oz.) and polishing cloth. Trick Piano Polish is nonabrasive and antistatic, a perfect product for keeping your piano looking like new. It works on any instrument finish and won’t scratch, streak, or swirl as it removes fingerprints and residues from smoke, dust, and sweat. The 12″ x 12″ microfiber polishing cloth will not scratch even the most delicate finishes and its 100,000 microfiber strands per square inch grab, lift, and hold grime like a magnet. The polishing cloth can be laundered and reused.
Trick, Keyboard Accessory Packages PCK