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The Doctor's Products Doctor Mp Mouthpiece  ...The Doctor’s Products – The Doctor’s Products Doctor Mp Mouthpiece Cleaner 8 Treatment Vial And Treatment Chamber
The Doctor’s Products Doctor MP Mouthpiece Cleaner Have you got ugly, smelly buildup on your mouthpiece? Usually this is of two types – minerals and organic deposits. The Doctor has researched available safe and effective chemicals especially for this task and now offers Doctor MP(TM); the only “all in one treatment” cleaner! This convenient powder is dissolved in plain tap water and a short soak will remove mineral buildups, inorganic vulcanizing residues, organic material, odors, and kill bacteria and mold growing in the damp dark recesses of your mouthpiece. You can see the foaming action removing the particles of organic material and minerals with your very eyes. The organic material remover contains a special, stabilized oxygen bleach and other proprietary chemicals which remove mineral buildups and aid in the sanitizing action. Safe for rubber, plastic, metal and glass mouthpieces. Chlorine bleaches may not be good for rubber mouthpieces after repeated treatment and are much stronger oxidizing agents than the class of oxygen bleach used in Doctor MP(TM). To cut down on your cost you can use a juice glass for the treatment or I can supply a treatment chamber a
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