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Thd Yellow Jacket Converters W/El84 Duet …

Thd Yellow Jacket Converters W/El84 Duet  ...THD – Thd Yellow Jacket Converters W/El84 Duet Tubes Single
Yellow Jacket Converters are a type of specialized adapter which permit the use of EL84/6BQ5 power tubes in place of 6V6, 6L6, EL34, and 7591 types.How do they work?They give you simple Class-A operation from any amp.Yellow Jacket Converters not only rearrange the pin locations of the tubes, but also provide the necessary current limiting on the screens and cathode as well as blocking the amplifier’s grid bias voltage, while configuring the EL84 in a Class-A, Self-adjusiting cathode-bias circuit. In other words, there are no adjustments to make and no modifications necesary, you simply plug the Yellow Jackets into the amp’s output tube sockets, (in cathode-bias amplifiers) screw the ground wires under one of the output tube socket mounting screws, plug the provided EL84’s into the Yellow Jackets, turn on the amp and play.How will they change my amplifier?It’s like getting a whole new amplifier! In Champ and Deluxe type amplifiers, the Yellow Jackets output is smooth, strong and more even than with the stock 6V6s. When the Yellow jackets Converters are installed inlarger amplifiers intended for 6L6s or EL34 output tubes, the high plate and screen voltages are reduced as well as current limited to protect the EL84 and to drop output power. When a pair of Yellow Jackets are used in a Marshall 50 watt or similar amplifier, the overall power drops to about 20 watts and takes on more of the character of an old Vox AC30. The distortion is smoother and more even and the output is both substantially reduced and more compressed due to the Class-A nature of the Yellow Jackets. In a 100 watt amp like a Twin Reverb or Marshall 100, either two or four Yellow Jackets can be used. If only two are used and the other two sockets are left empy, the output is dropped to about 20 watts. With four in place, the amp puts out about 40 watts and takes on a whole new warmth and richness.In the cases of the YJ7591 converters, the overall ouput power remCan be used in place of 6V6, 6L6, EL34, 7027 6550 (under 520 volts) and 7591 typesWork in any amplifier that takes these tube types, as long as the plate voltage is under 520 VDCRevitalizes the sound of your ampAlso work in tube Hi-Fi equipment
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