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Taurus Stomp-Head Ultra Light Analog High …

Taurus Stomp-Head Ultra Light Analog High  ...Taurus – Taurus Stomp-Head Ultra Light Analog High Gain 70/40W Solid State Guitar Head Black
The Stomp-Head 4.High Gain is an ultra light, very compact floor amplifier with integrated foot-switch, designed to be set on the pedal board, along with effects or, placed directly on the stage floor. It greatly benefits the player with immediate access to all amps potentiometers and options. When the amp is set on the pedal board only one wire (speaker wire) is needed to setup the guitar sound on stage. This amplifier can also be placed on a top of a cabinet like a regular head. You can control the amp modes with an external controller or simple footswitch thanks to external controller socket.The Taurus Stomp-Head 4.High Gain is an analog guitar amplifier based on tube technology which shapes sound in both preamp and power amp sections. The power amp is a hybrid build of transistors and tubes. The tubes are responsible for the dynamic and overall sound of the amplifier’s output. All unwanted characteristics of the transistors are eliminated in order to preserve the true sound off the tube amp. Its details were carefully engineered and crafted to ensure the purest tube sound of the amplifier with the transformer output. Dynamic, compression and distortion characteristics are the same as in classical, high end tube amps. The sound is clean, punchy and saturated. The amplifier features two (2) channels: Clean/Lead & Master section. Each channel can be independently selected by built-in foot switch. The sound of both channels is controlled through a three-point equalizer and volume potentiometers. While using the Clean channel, the over-driven Crunch sound can be selected via the food-switch and fluidly adjusted by potentiometer. The Lead channel uses specially designed Drive circuitry to enrich harmonics and make the instrument’s sound characteristics even more vivid. This setup provides three different sounds under the player foot. The Master Volume and Boost knobs shared by both channels can be found in the Master output section. The Boost function alPower output: 70W RMS with a power brake to 40W2 channels: Clean and Lead3 different sounds: Clean, Crunch and Lead4 foot-switches: Channel [Clean/ Lead], Crunch, Boost, MuteFX loopLine Out with guitar speaker simulationPower output selectorSpeaker impedance selector: 4-8-16ohm2 loudness mode: Studio / Stage
Taurus, Solid State Guitar Amplifier Heads Stomp-Head 4.HG