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Stedman Proscreen Xl Pop …

Stedman Proscreen Xl Pop  ...Stedman – Stedman Proscreen Xl Pop Filter
The Stedman Proscreen XL is a professional advanced pop filter for all vocal applications. Made from an exclusive patented material that eliminates pops far more effectively than fabric filters, the Proscreen XL allows unobstructed passage of high frequencies helping to maintain the important detail in vocal recordings. In addition to its sonic advantages, it can be easily washed between sessions. Signal levels can be maximized without the risk of clipping caused by bursts (extremely important with digital formats). The Proscreen XL has a large 6″ diameter screen with rubber bezel and includes a 13″ flexible gooseneck with an extended adjustable clamp to allow easy adjustment and placement.How it works: The angle of the large louvered openings in the Proscreen XL material allows sound to pass while diverting air bursts from vocal pops in a downward direction out of the back of the screen. Even extremely dynamic close vocal work will not allow bursts to reach the microphone.Screen diameter: 6″Length: 26.5″Weight: 10 oz.Clamp range: .39″
Stedman, Pop Filters Proscreen XL

Stedman Proscreen Ps101 Pop …

Stedman Proscreen Ps101 Pop  ...Stedman – Stedman Proscreen Ps101 Pop Filter
The Stedman Proscreen 101 microphone pop filter uses an extremely effective professional pop-eliminator for vocal applications with an attached 13″ flexible goose neck with adjustable clamp. This clamp allows the PS101 to be attached to any microphone stand or boom while allowing easy positioning of the screen with the flexible goose neck.Screen diameter: 4.6″Length: 20″Weight: 5.8 oz.Clamp opening diameter: .5″ to .80″
Stedman, Pop Filters PS101