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Stanton Dj Academy Mix Dj …

Stanton Dj Academy Mix Dj  ...Stanton – Stanton Dj Academy Mix Dj Software
Scratch DJ Academy MIX! from Stanton, is an exciting DJ software application that is perfect for the aspiring DJ who is advancing their skills, all the way up to the professional who needs a sophisticated tool to perfect their game. You can practice or perfect a mix within the software using intuitive tools to create high quality, professional mixes time after time. The application analyzes all of your tracks and reports the BPM of your entire music library. This means that you can see which songs are closer to the speed of the track being played. MIX! Software also reports key information and intelligently highlights the songs in your library that have a better chance of working together both harmonically and musically. When the key and the tempo of a track are synchronized, the chance of your audience hearing a nasty clash of opposing keys is eliminated.In addition, the MIX! Software application allows you to safely bring elements in and out without having to pre-cue every sample. The intuitive MIX! Software interface allows users to manage and sequence their mixes in a unique way, and the application’s high caliber key and pitch detection also ensures industry standaAutomatic Beat Mapping uses advanced transient analysis to accurately detect the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of a songAutomatic Key Detection, with accurate, cross genre results give the ability to line up mixes by key to avoid any harmonic clashesPlaylist Hints will highlight songs with compatible BPM and key signatures in your playlist for quick and easy visualizationCreate a complete set with instant previewing of each transition, for faster mixing; and preset mixing points of where one song mixes into the nextHelpful mixing and DJ hints from Scratch DJ Academy instructors will help beginners get a grasp on the concepts of mixing
Stanton, DJ & Remix Software Mix!

Stanton Str8-150 Digital …

Stanton Str8-150 Digital  ...Stanton – Stanton Str8-150 Digital Turntable
The durably constructed Stanton STR8-50 Digital Turntable has an industry-leading 4.5 Kgf-cm torque motor, an ultra-stable platter, and skip-proof, straight tone arm, and minimizes feedback. Performance features include key correction, reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, quartz lock accuracy, and S/PDIF digital output. Controls include start/brake speed adjustment, selectable phono/line output, dual start/stop buttons, and a height-adjustable tone arm. The DJ deck also includes Stanton 680HP cartridge, slipmat, and L-shaped cablesDurable construction designed to minimize feedback4.5 Kgf-cm torque motorSkip-proof, straight tone armUltra-stable platter and tone armStart/Brake speed adjustmentDigital output (S/PDIF)Key correctionSelectable phono or line outputDual start/stop buttonsHeight-adjustable tone armReverse function3 speedsQuartz lockSelectable pitch control (8%, 25%, 50%)Motor off featureRemovable target lightAdjustable feetIncludes slipmat and L-shaped cablesIncludes Stanton 680HP cartridge mounted on headshell
Stanton, Standard Turntables STR8150HP

Stanton Dj Pro 2000S …

Stanton Dj Pro 2000S  ...Stanton – Stanton Dj Pro 2000S Headphones
Stanton DJ Pro 2000S Headphones have rotating ear cups for flexible positioning and single sided or shoulder rest wearing styles. The DJ Pro heaphones’ detachable cord makes storage and replacement easy. Integrated mono or stereo monitoring. Closed earcup design provides sound isolation. 50mm drivers provide clear low-end reproduction and superior power handling. Convenient folding design makes storage and transporting easy. With the Stanton DJ Pro 2000S Heaphones’ wide-frequency response of 20Hz to 30kHz, you hear all the music.Rotating cups50mm drivers for clear low end and superior power handlingConvenient folding design20Hz – 30kHz frequency response
Stanton, DJ Headphones DJ PRO 2000 S

Stanton Dj Pro 500 Mc Mk Ii Single-Cup …

Stanton Dj Pro 500 Mc Mk Ii Single-Cup  ...Stanton – Stanton Dj Pro 500 Mc Mk Ii Single-Cup Headphone With Mic
The Stanton DJ Pro 500 MC is perfect for announcers or for recording studio use. The single-cup headphone is a single side, closed-back design with a heavy-duty driver with bass boost. The Stanton headphones have an adjustable metal headband is protected with a soft vinyl-covered foam pad. The dual connection cable has 2 – 1/4″ plugs: mono for the mic and stereo for the headphone. Each plug is color-coded for identification ease. The microphone is a low-impedance dynamic type.
Stanton, DJ Headphones DJ PRO 500 MC MKII

Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand …

Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand  ...Stanton – Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand Silver
The Stanton UberStand is ideal for DJs who need to incorporate a laptop or notebook computer into their set-up. The UberStand features a secure top-shelf for a laptop and a smaller shelf underneath sized to hold an interface or scratch-amp. The UberStand base sits under a turntable or any flat surface and attached straps keep wires and laptop in place. It collapses easily and folds flat for storage. Comes with zippered bag. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. The UberStand is an essential accessory for computer based DJs.Foldable latptop DJ standAircraft grade light-weight aluminium constructionLaptop/notebook shelvingAudio interface/scratch amp shelving2 minutes assembly/disassembly timeFits in any 12″ record bag or boxDimensions (H x W x D): 11.81 x 10.23 x 9.84 inches, (300 x 260 x 250 mm)Instructions includedAll fixtures & support fittings included
Stanton, DJ Stands & Racks UBERSTAND

Stanton St-150 Digital Turntable With S Tone …

Stanton St-150 Digital Turntable With S Tone  ...Stanton – Stanton St-150 Digital Turntable With S Tone Arm Regular
These turntables have everything professional DJs need. The ST.150 (with standard S shaped tone arm) offers durable construction designed to minimize feedback, an industry-leading torque motor – up to 4.5 Kgf-cm, and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. And with features like Key Correction, Reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, and S/PDIF digital outputs – the ST.150 is a great solution for the pro DJ, especially if a digital output is a needed feature.This turntable performs at the highest levels for the most discriminating professionals. Adjustable feet ensure perfect level, selectable outputs ensure proper levels to the recording device or amplification system, anjd a digital output keeps this turntable current with all contemporary DJ applications.Heavy duty steel construction with ultra stable platter and tone armIncludes Stanton Trackmaster V.3 cartridge and slipmatStart/brake speed adjustmentDigital output [S/PDIF] – plug straight into CD-R or computer sound cardKey correctionSelectable phono or line output (key correction works on line output only)Dual start/stop buttonsHeight adjustable tone armReverse playQuartz lockSelectable pitch control [+/-8%,+/-25%,+/-50%]
Stanton, Standard Turntables ST-150HP

Stanton Smx.202 Dj …

Stanton Smx.202 Dj  ...Stanton – Stanton Smx.202 Dj Mixer
The Stanton SMX.202 DJ Mixer offers sturdy all-metal construction that means you can concentrate on your mix without worrying about your mixer. The SMX.202 mixer has 2 Line and 2 Phono inputs with 2-band EQ and gain control per channel. The Cue section has a Cue Level and Cue Pan control. Other features of the Stanton SMX.202 DJ Mixer include a mic input with 2-Band EQ, and user-replaceable faders.Sturdy all-metal construction for extreme use2 Line and 2 Phono inputs2-band EQ and gain control per channelCue section features Cue Level and Cue PanMic input with 2-Band EQUser-replaceable fadersCompact size
Stanton, 2 Channel DJ Mixers SMX202-NA