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Roland Ac-60 Acoustic Chorus Combo …

Roland Ac-60 Acoustic Chorus Combo  ...Roland – Roland Ac-60 Acoustic Chorus Combo Amp
Although there are many acoustic amplifiers on the market today, few of them can compete with the rich, natural tone of the compact Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Combo Amp. This innovative stereo amp uses sophisticated digital signal processing to deliver a crisp sound with lush stereo/multiband chorus–including a new wide mode–plus delay/reverb and impressive Auto Anti-Feedback control. And with its 2-channel Mic/Line design and standmountable configuration, the AC-60 is clearly heads above the competition.Compact stereo acoustic amplifier with pure, natural tone and excellent projection2-channel design: Guitar input plus mic/line input with phantom powerStereo 30W/dual 6-1/2″ speakers loud enough for club gigs and small PAsOnboard DSP delivers lush stereo/multiband chorus, newly developed wide chorus and delay/reverb with footswitch controlBuilt-in Auto Anti-Feedback controls allow for maximum volume without feedbackConvenient mute switch for silent tuning on stageStereo line out for PA and recording; subwoofer outputBuilt-in tilt stand offers better acoustic projection
Roland, Acoustic Combo Guitar Amplifiers AC-60

Roland Noise Eater Ne-10 Sound Isolation …

Roland Noise Eater Ne-10 Sound Isolation  ...Roland – Roland Noise Eater Ne-10 Sound Isolation Board
Designed for use under kick pads/pedals and hi-hat controllers/stands, the Noise Eater NE-10 isolation board foot is a unique drum sound isolation device to reduce noise transfer to rooms below by approximately 75 percent.If you’re using compact, integrated products such as the FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller and the low-noise KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, an NE-10 under each pedal is all you need. If you have a larger kick trigger pad and/or V-Hi-Hat that incorporates a stand, you’ll also want to use companion NE-1 units under each stand leg as necessary.For maximum effectiveness, Roland recommends that Noise Eater products be used under all kick and hi-hat pedals and all legs on mesh-head kick pads and hi-hat stands in your V-Drums set.Learn more about the NE-10 and NE-1 Noise Eater products at RolandConnect.com.
Roland, Drum Rugs NE-10

Roland V-Pad 10″ Tom For Td-30Kv Black …

Roland V-Pad 10Roland – Roland V-Pad 10″ Tom For Td-30Kv Black Chrome 10 In. Black Chrome
The PD-108 V-Pad from Roland is a 10″ mesh head designed as a tom pad for the TD-30KV electronic drum set. It features dual triggers on the head and rim for enhanced dynamics and rim-shot depth. The drum pad also includes a two-way mount holder that enables vertical or horizontal mounting on a Roland MDS series stand or available pipe tom stand. This tom pad also features an exchangeable black-chrome color shell wrap.Quiet mesh head and rubber coated rimDual triggersDual-mounting options
Roland, Trigger Pads PD-108-BC

Roland Hpd-20 Handsonic Carry …

Roland Hpd-20 Handsonic Carry  ...Roland – Roland Hpd-20 Handsonic Carry Bag
The CB-HPD gig bag from Roland is specially designed for the Roland HandSonic HPD-20 and SPD-SX Sampling Pad, providing a convenient way to transport either instrument along with a number of accessories. Also included is a secondary bag for carrying a PDS-10 Pad Stand.Gig bag for carrying the HPD-20/SPD-SXConvenient pockets both inside and outDurable design with securing straps and cushioning for protectionTwo adjustable shoulder straps and breathable cloth backingIncludes secondary bag for carrying a PDS-10 Pad Stand
Roland, Specialty Drum & Percussion Cases, Gig Bags & Covers CB-HPD

Roland System-1M Plug-Out Synthesizer …

Roland System-1M Plug-Out Synthesizer  ...Roland – Roland System-1M Plug-Out Synthesizer Module
The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability and a unique design that allows it to be used as a Eurorack module, table-top synth, or 19 rack-mount unit. In addition to being a powerful, standalone instrument, the SYSTEM-1m has an array of CV and Gate connections that allow it to be re-patched, and to interface with other modular synthesizer systems. The SYSTEM-1ms CV and Gate connections combined with its ability to load classic Roland synth models like the SH-101 and PROMARS give it a power and flexibility that is simply unparalleled.Modular for the MassesModular synthesizers are highly prized by musicians for their ability to make totally unique and interesting sounds. But they can demand a real investment of both time and money to create a fully functional instrument. The SYSTEM-1m takes the guesswork out of getting into modular with great sounds and the freedom to experiment right out of the box. The fully self-contained module can be placed in a rack or on a table. It can be powered by standard AC power. And it can be played from any standard MIDI keyboard or receive MIDI messages from your DAW. Just like youd expect.But the SYSTEM-1m goes way beyond standard synthesizer modules. With fully-lit, color coded patch points, you can experiment with reconfiguring its architecture and, when you’e ready, easily connect to a wide world of available synthesizer modules. In addition to functioning as a rack-mount or table-top unit, the SYSTEM-1m can be mounted in a standard Eurorack case and can be powered via integrated case power with the included adapter. Its versatile synth architecture integrates beautifully with existing modular setups – or it can be the heart of your first modular synthesizer.A Collection of ClassicsThe SYSTEM-1m is a stunningly powerful instrument based on our more than 40 years of experience in designing synthesizers. Its capable of an astonishiSemi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability16 Color-coded CV and Gate connections with LED lightingEurorack, table-top and 19 rack compatible using AC or Eurorack powerVersatile oscillators with six waveforms, Crossmod, Ring Mod, Sync and Color controlAll parameters controlled with high-resolution knobs and sliders with LED indicators-12 dB and -24 dB filter types with independent high-pass filtersIntegrated delay, reverb and crusher effectsRecord and playback all CV and Gate information with connected DAWTempo syncing for LFO and delay24-bit/96kHz audio and MIDI interface
Roland, Synthesizer Modules SYSTEM-1M

Roland Ev-5 Expression …

Roland Ev-5 Expression  ...Roland – Roland Ev-5 Expression Pedal
The Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal functions as a multipurpose pedal for many Roland and BOSS products. Depending on the instrument, a Roland EV-5 can function as a volume pedal, realtime parameter control pedal, or data-entry pedal.
Roland, Volume & Expression Effects Pedals EV-5

Roland Spd-Sx Sampling …

Roland Spd-Sx Sampling  ...Roland – Roland Spd-Sx Sampling Pad
The new SPD-SX Sampling Pad puts powerful sample creation and playback under your sticks with innovative audio-capturing features, expressive playability, three multi-effects engines, and much more. The perfect addition to any acoustic or electronic drum kit, percussion setup, DJ booth, or keyboard rig, the SPD-SX is equally at home on the live stage, in the recording studio, pre-production suite, or dance club. The SPD-SX takes many of the proven concepts from its predecessor and raises them to a new level. Whether you’re firing off one-shot samples, looped phrases, or complete audio playback tracks, the SPD-SX is loaded with the latest technology and tools to get the job done with speed, precision, and convenience. Enjoy the most advanced triggering and sampling technology in a sleek, easy-to-use percussion instrument.Unique sampling-pad concept the only instrument of its kind in the world 2GB internal memory, enabling approximately 360 minutes of sampling (mono) without requiring external memory Nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads, two external dual-trigger inputs Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad Sampling Three units of multi-effects onboard, with two real-time control knobs and four dedicated effect buttons Individual Pad Dynamics indicators show pad status and audio-level activity during performance Expanded USB functionality (USB Mass Storage, USB MIDI/AUDIO, USB Memory) Wave Manager software included for easily importing, assigning, and organizing samples Large backlit LCD
Roland, Electronic Drum MIDI Controllers SPD-SX

Roland Bk-5 Backing …

Roland Bk-5 Backing  ...Roland – Roland Bk-5 Backing Keyboard
The BK-5 features high-quality, fresh sounds combined with an easy user interface and advanced features. It’s the perfect partner for the “one-man band” as well as music hobbyists and amateurs. Powered by a state-of-the-art Roland sound engine, the BK-5 is packed with over 1,100 great sounds and dozens of drum and percussion kits. The instrument is able to handle 128 voices simultaneously, and is compatible with a variety of voicing formats, including GM2, GS, and XG Lite. Feed the BK-5 a Standard MIDI File, buckle up, and get ready for a great-sounding band.Creative ControlIn addition to playing MIDI files with its internal sound generator, the BK-5 can also play and manipulate audio files. Play MP3 or WAV files via USB and use the onboard controls to change key signature and tempo to best suit your vocal range or performance style. You can also use the BK-5’s Center Cancel feature to minimize the vocals from pre-existing songs to create instant karaoke-style sing-along tracks.USB CompatibilityTo expand the capabilities of the BK-5, a USB port is provided for connecting to industry-standard USB storage devices such as a USB key or self-powered USB hard disk for playing and modifying/saving files. You can also use the USB port to record your performances as audio files (WAV, 16-bit/44.1KHz linear format) on a USB storage device.Video CompatibilityThe BK-5’s composite video output can be connected to an external monitor, which allows the audience or other musicians onstage to follow the lyrics and chord symbols of the performed song. Turn your show into a multimedia experience!Self-contained, do-everything keyboard with auto-accompaniment engine and built-in sound systemWide selection of sounds, Music Assistants, and Rhythms that cover a wide landscape of musical genres (including East-Europe, Latin-America, Asia, and more)Friendly graphical user interfaceOnboard effects, including reverb, chorus, EQ, multi-band compressor, and dozens of multi-effectsMusic rhythm compatibility with Roland BK-7m/E-series/ G-series/VA-series instrumentsCompatible with backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and Rhythm) directly from USB memory; instant audio recording onto USB memoryAutomatic chord detection for SMF filesVideo output to share SMF/MP3 Lyrics with friends or the audience on an external screenMore detailed features:Keyboard: 61 keys (velocity sensitive)Display: 160 x 160 dots Graphic LCD (with backlit)Sound GeneratorMax. Polyphony: 128 voices (GM2/GS/XG Lite compatible)Sounds: 1,172 tones, 60 Drum SetsMultitimbral parts: 3 realtime parts (UP1, UP2, LWR) + 16 song partsMaster Tuning: 415.3 to 466.2HzKey Control (Transpose): -6 to +5 in semitones (for audio/MIDI data)Tempo change: 20 to 250BPM for SMF and rhythms, 75 to 125% for MP3 and WAV filesPart mute functions: TRACK MUTE (Rhythms
Roland, Arranger Keyboards BK-5