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Rhythm Band  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band Rb21
Economy elementary rhythm band set for 15 players featuring wrist bells, jingle taps, sand blocks, rhythm sticks, and more
Rhythm Band, Percussion Sets RB21
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Rhythm Band 25 Note Chromatic …

Rhythm Band 25 Note Chromatic  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band 25 Note Chromatic Bells
Rhythm Band RB2206The Artist series chromatic song bells offer a wide range to fit any musical need and any classroom situation.All of these bells are made of gong quality steel and each 1-1/4″ x 1/8″ bar is electronically tuned to plus or miuns 5/100ths of one semitone. The note names are clearly engraved on each bar. Convenient 1/4″ spacing between bars prevents children from striking two bars at the same time and also prevents the bars from touching each other. The frames of the bells sets are the finest hardwood available and all of the sets have non-mar protectors on the bottom to prevent damage to any surface.
Rhythm Band, Classroom Bells RB2206

Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals With Knobs Finger …

Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals With Knobs Finger  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals With Knobs Finger Cymbals, Two Pair With Straps
These Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals with Knobs are crafted from the finest quality bell brass. Use them to produce crash effects when banged together. The 5″ cymbals are sized for easy play by children.
Rhythm Band, Classroom Tambourines & Cymbals RE784

Rhythm Band 5 Note Chromatic Wooden Bass …

Rhythm Band 5 Note Chromatic Wooden Bass  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band 5 Note Chromatic Wooden Bass Bell Set
Rhythm Band RB2124This bell set is one of the most widely used and internationally accepted resonator bell sets on the market today.These bells were perfectly tuned by a unique electronic process developed by Rhythm Band’s craftsmen which insures absolute perfect pitch throughout the entire range of the bells. The natural tones of the set are white while the half tones are black, a design that resembles a piano keyboard. There is no plastic used in the construction of these bells. The resonator chambers are constructed from the finest lightweight woods available and are specially selected for maximum acoustic properties.
Rhythm Band, Percussion Sets RB2124

Rhythm Band Sand Blocks …

Rhythm Band Sand Blocks  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band Sand Blocks Bamboo
These Sand Blocks from Rhythm Band feature an attractive, clear finish and a sustainable bamboo construction. The sandpaper produces a very effective rhythmic sound when rubbed together. Used for teaching short sounds, long sounds and longer sounds.
Rhythm Band, Claves, Sticks & Blocks RBN76

Rhythm Band 7-Note Extension Hand/Desk Bell …

Rhythm Band 7-Note Extension Hand/Desk Bell  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band 7-Note Extension Hand/Desk Bell Set
Push the handle top and it’s a desk bell. Pick it up and swing it, it’s a hand bell. Top quality, durable construction and correct intonation make these bells an outstanding value. Each of the metal bells has note names and numbers clearly marked. 5″ tall handles are easy to grasp for all ages. Special design reduces double ringing when used as hand bells. Includes low A, A#, B and high C#, D, D#, E. Extension set for the 8-Note Diatonic Hand/Desk Bell Set.Unique double-function designExtremely durablePerfect intonationNote names and numbers on each bell
Rhythm Band, Classroom Bells RB107EX