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Reloop Rmx Innofader Non-Contact Fader For …

Reloop Rmx Innofader Non-Contact Fader For  ...Reloop – Reloop Rmx Innofader Non-Contact Fader For Rmx Series
Optimized for the hardest scratching applicationsThe RMX Innofader has been specially developed to give users an effortless, professional performance even under the most rigorous use in the toughest conditions. Audio Innovates revolutionary non-contact technology has created a fader that is perfect for the needs of professional DJs. The RMX Innofaders are accurately calibrated and ready for immediate use in any compatible Reloop product; however, the performance can also be personalized with the added ability to fine-tune the Cut-in and Cut-out points. The Innofader by Audio Innovate can now ne retrofitted to all Reloop devices that are identified as Innofader Compatible.Easy and quick mountingThe RMX Innofader represents quality throughout its design. The fader shaft is grounded to protect the integrity of the audio signal, and the design is tested to work for 4 million movement cycles, ensuring a long and reliable lifespan. The Reloop RMX Innofader is quick and easy to install on the professional RMX-22i/33i/60 and RMX-80 Digital DJ mixers. Inside the box, a blue performance fader cap completes the package.Designed to last more than 4 million cyclesQuick mountingCut-in and cut-out points can be calibratedButtery smooth operating tension for perfect scratchingFactory pre-calibrated for tight cut points3-pin adapter cable for Reloop mixers includedFader shaft with brush grounding for even more reliable applicationsPrecision adjustment in steps of 0.15 mm on both sidesCompatible with RMX-22i/33i/60/80 and all Reloop products with INNOFADER-compatible logoIncludes blue fader cap
Reloop, DJ Mixer Parts AMS-RMX-INNOFADER

Reloop Iq2 2-Channel Midi …

Reloop Iq2 2-Channel Midi  ...Reloop – Reloop Iq2 2-Channel Midi Mixer
Two channel MIDI mixer for scratch artistsWith the IQ2 MIDI, Reloop presents the latest mixer from the trend-setting IQ series. The IQ2 MIDI is completely digital with the best, noise-free sound and a 4×4 multichannel USB audio interface with 24 bit/96 kHz studio quality audio.MIDI mixerThis mixer can also be used as MIDI controller and thanks to the MIDI flex function, the crossfader, as well as the effect unit can be used in MIDI or audio mode.Digital matrix inputThe IQ2 MIDI also offers a digital matrix-input function. This way all audio inputs, as well as all MIDI channels, can be routed to the channels. The ASIO/CORE audio drivers guarantee the absolutely lowest latency for a professional standard while mixing.Battle modeRversible crossfader and the 2- battle-mode that allows looping in a second mixer or DVS system via the loop input.TRAKTOR readyThe mixer is Traktor-ready and it can be selected easily within the software as preset.Best, noise-free sound: internal signal processing is completely digitalIntegrated multi-channel USB audio interface: Hi-speed 4×4 in/out interface with 24 bit/96 kHz sound qualityFull MIDI control: All elements are MIDI compatibleMIDI flex: Crossfader and FX unit can be used in MIDI or audio modeLowest latency: Incl. professional ASIO/CORE audio driversTraktor Ready: Plug”n”Play compatible with Traktor DJ softwareDigital matrix input: All inputs, as well as all MIDI channels, can be flexibly routed to the channelsMaster cue: Cuts and scratches can be monitored via headphonesXF flex: Reversible crossfader2-battle-mode: Via loop-in a second mixer or DVS sytem can be looped inFull Duplex USB port for feeding and emitting digital sound signalsUSB signals can be played via mixer and recorded on a computer simultaneously3 innovative crossfader effects (LoopX, PitchX, StutterX) with manual or automatic cross-fadeFreely assignable DSP effect unit (Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Manual Filter, Auto Filter, Reverb, Trans, Pitch Shifter)Manual filter infinitely adjustable from LPF – HPFTime regulation for X parameter, dry/wet regulation for Y parameter (as mini fader)Manual beat and time assignment of effects with 5 buttonsAutomatic and manual beatcounterEffect send/return for both channelsExcellent sound characteristics due to Premium Sound Architecture (PSA)Top panel with rubber paint finish, low panel made of brush-finished aluminumFreely assignable Long Life TCT crossfader (45 mm) with adjustable curveLong Life linefader (60 mm) with adjustable curveFader-start play for linefaders or crossfaderLarge LC display for all effect and BPM parameters3-band equalizer for channels 1 and 22-band equalizer and talkover for microphoneMaster volume with especially large vintage potentiometeriPod frien
Reloop, DJ Controllers & Interfaces AMS-IQ2-MIDI

Reloop Rp-7000 High-Torque Turntable …

Reloop Rp-7000 High-Torque Turntable  ...Reloop – Reloop Rp-7000 High-Torque Turntable Silver
Professional high-torque club-standard turntableThe Reloop RP-7000 is the solution for vinyl DJs and DVS users who are looking for a professional high-torque, club-standard turntable with a strong motor and sturdy construction. With its classy and scratch-resistant painted metallic finish, the RP-7000 is suited for the club grind.High-resolution digital faderThanks to the three selectable pitch ranges (+/-8%, +/-16% and +/-50%) and the high-resolution digital fader, the pitch resolution is highly precise. With a divergence of only 0.02% beat matching is easy with the RP-7000. Sophisticated and fast showcases can be handled easily thanks to the additional start/stop button for vertical positioning and a variable torque from “Classic” to “HiTorque.”Individual and creative impulsesMore variety in the mix: with the reverse button and an adjustable start/stop time from 0.2 to 6 seconds, individual and creative impulses can be set with the RP-7000. As the turntable is equipped with a line/phono switch, it can even be connected directly to line inputs of mixers or amps – grounding not necessary.Adjustable torque Phono and line output (no grounding necessary)Direct connection of turntable and motor for best possible stabilityAdjustable start/stop time (0.2 – 6 Sek.)Metal housingVertically adjustable S-shaped tonearm with anti-skatingPitch Range +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50%Quartz lockSafety mains switchReverse switchAdditional start/stop button for vertical positioningSunk-in connection cavity for easy case installationShock proof feetVibration-resistant base
Reloop, Standard Turntables AMS-RP-7000-SLV

Reloop Ortofon Om Needle …

Reloop Ortofon Om Needle  ...Reloop – Reloop Ortofon Om Needle Black
The OM cartridge with headshell mounting comes with superb sound characteristics and a very sturdy construction that also lends itself to scratching.Headshell mountingSpherical stylusLow vinyl wearoutExcellent sound characteristicsAppropriate for scratchingSturdy constructionFrequency range: 20 Hz – 18 kHzOutput voltage (5 cm/s): 5 mVTracking force range: 3 – 5 gWeight: 5 g
Reloop, Cartridges & Styli AMS-OM-BLACK

Reloop Carbon Fiber Vinyl …

Reloop Carbon Fiber Vinyl  ...Reloop – Reloop Carbon Fiber Vinyl Cleaner
The anti-static carbon fiber brush is one of the most popular tools when it comes to removing dust and dirt from vinyl records. More than a million carbon fibers allow a gentle cleaning and elimination of electrostatic charging.Classic cleaning brushCleaning aid for vinyl recordsRemoves electrostatic charging and dustMore than a million fibres
Reloop, DJ Accessories AMS-CLEANER

Reloop Beatpad 2 Professional Dj …

Reloop Beatpad 2 Professional Dj  ...Reloop – Reloop Beatpad 2 Professional Dj Controller
The BeatPad 2 from Reloop is the only professional and truly reliable cross-platform controller that is able to completely utilize the full potential of the award-winning DJAY 2 mixing software from Algoriddim.Based on the original BeatPad controller, which quickly established itself as an affordable yet professional DJ tool for “Smart-Device DJs,” the BeatPad 2 works plug-and-play across all platforms. Whether you’re using DJAY 2 on your iOS or Android device, or using DJAY Pro on Mac the integration is seamless and completely stress-free. No other hardware offers such versatile support, and inside the box with the BeatPad 2 are USB, Apple Lightning and Android OTG cables.Beatpad 2NEW, MULTI-SENSORIAL PAD MODE SECTIONSlicer, loop, sampler and dynamic multi-effect control are just a few of the new, exciting remixing possibilities that can now be controlled directly via the BeatPad 2.The touch-sensitive drum pads with smart RGB illumination give you visual feedback for the selected mode so you know exactly what you’re doing.
Reloop, DJ Controllers & Interfaces AMS-BEATPAD-2

Reloop Iphono 2 Portable Phono/Line Usb …

Reloop Iphono 2 Portable Phono/Line Usb  ...Reloop – Reloop Iphono 2 Portable Phono/Line Usb Recording Interface
The description of the Reloop iPhono 2 could not be more appropriate: “Digitize your vinyl tracks for playing with any current DJ software…..quickly and easily.” The process of filing your irreplaceable vinyl collection just became a piece of cake. By plugging a turntable into the Reloop iPhono 2 USB audio interface, and then connecting this to a computer (PC or Mac), precious vinyl rarities can now be recorded digitally in crystal clear CD quality thanks to the high-quality digital drivers. It goes without saying that any other audio sources, such as tape decks or Minidisc players can also be connected to the interface for recording.A variety of connection optionsBut there’ more! Why not hook up a mixer to the Reloop iPhono 2 and record your entire DJ set to your computer? The mix can then be instantly uploaded to share with others online, or could just as easily be burnt to a CD for physical distribution the possibilities are endless. The Reloop iPhono 2 even comes with a full copy of PCDJ DJ LE software and a sample pack from Loop Masters.USB phono/line interface & soundcardFinish and design in popular Play interface style16 bit A/D converterPlug’n’Play system: no additional drivers necessary for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS.XSignal/clip LEDOutput LEDThief-proof: Kensington slotUSB bus poweredInputs: 1x phono/line (RCA)Ground GND screwOutputs: 1x PC (mini USB), 1x output (RCA), 1x headphones (6,3 mm jack)Dimensions: 5.1″ x 1.9″ x 4.5″ (130 x 49 x 115 mm)Weight: 3.3 oz.Includes USB cable, PCDJ DJ software and Loop Masters sample pack
Reloop, DJ Controllers & Interfaces AMS-IPHONO-2