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Rapco Horizon Speaker Cable 12 Gauge 50 …

Rapco Horizon Speaker Cable 12 Gauge 50  ...Rapco Horizon – Rapco Horizon Speaker Cable 12 Gauge 50 Ft.
Horizon Speaker Cable features hand-soldered, nickel-plated 1/4″ phone plugs on their heavy-duty round black cable. Horizon gives you a lifetime warranty with your speaker cable.Hand-solderedNickel-plated 1/4″ plugsLifetime warranty
Rapco Horizon, Speaker Cables 12-50

Rapco Horizon Ltiglblox Laptop …

Rapco Horizon Ltiglblox Laptop  ...Rapco Horizon – Rapco Horizon Ltiglblox Laptop Interface
The Rapco Horizon LTIGLBLOX Laptop Interface lets you connect laptop computers, CD players and MP3 players with 3.5 mm stereo outputs into the low impedance balanced inputs on pro PA mixing consoles. The connector’s rotary potentiometer provides volume control. The Rapco LTIGLBLOX also has a ground lift switch.Stereo or summed mono operationBuilt in ground lift switch-20dB padStereo 3.5mm plugs directly into computer output jackRotary potentiometer provides volume controlXLR outputs
Rapco Horizon, Audio Interfaces LTIGLBLOX