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Radial Engineering Wr-8 Rack 8 Slot Power …

Radial Engineering Wr-8 Rack 8 Slot Power  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Wr-8 Rack 8 Slot Power Rack
The Workhorse WR-8 is a trimmed down version of the Tec Award winning Workhorse power rack without the 8-channel summing mixer. This enables those that may not need a mixer to join in the fun while leaving the door open to upgrade in the future.Like the Workhorse, the WR8 features eight slots to accommodate both Radial modules and other API Lunchbox compatible modules. An innovative slide-in tray makes loading modules easy! Rear connections include XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs and outputs plus parallel connections via D-Subs. Unlike older API type racks that need to be hard patched, the WR8 features an innovative FEED switch that lets you connect modules in series by simply setting the switch to suit. This leaves the other connectors open for mult’ing, parallel processing and cross patching.Stereo-ready modules such as compressor-limiters no longer need to have inside traces soldered! A simple LINK switch performs the connection and lets you revert back to normal without de-soldering. Radial also upgraded the 500 series spec with Omniport, a 1/4″ TRS connector that enables the manufacturer to assign a special module-specific function to increase functionality. Radial modules employ the Omniport in a variety of ways. For instance, the PowerPre assigns the Omniport as an instrument input, the Komit is a key input for the side chain and the JDV-Pre uses it as a direct box output for stage use.The WR8 provides extra power to the modules for more headroom with over 1600 milliamps of shared power for the 8 slots. This enables you to use power hungry devices like tube preamps with confidence. The external supply makes international travel easy with 100V to 240V compatibility and the use of a standard IEC connector. To keep modules safe, the WR8 is equipped with protective circuitry to prevent mishap should improper connections be made.500 series power rack with room for 8 modulesUpgrades to full Workhorse with optional mixer100% compatible with older API type racksOver 20% more current than the original spec
Radial Engineering, 500 Series Gear R700 0101 00

Radial Engineering Space Heater 500 Series …

Radial Engineering Space Heater 500 Series  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Space Heater 500 Series Tube Drive
Designed for use in the Radial Workhorse or any other 500 series rack, the Space Heater is built around a 12AX7 tube. First, a drive control lets you determine the amount of signal passing through the tube. Next, a 3-position heat switch allows you to apply 35, 70 or 140 volts at the plate to change how the tube reacts to the signal. At the low 35V setting the tube is starved for voltage which causes the tube to break up at a very low volume. The middle 70V setting is a great starting point and allows the tube to handle more level before breaking up to a moderate distortion. At 140 volts, maximum voltage is applied to the tube producing slight saturation and warmth. Sweepable high-pass and low-pass filters can be assigned ‘pre or post’ tube, allowing you to focus the tube effect on a particular frequency band or cause the tube to react in a different way. Finally, an output level control provides attenuation or boost through an oversized Jensen transformer specially selected for its big bottom end and vintage character.Enhancing a snare with a touch of distortion can increase presence without losing dynamic range. Blending in some overdrive to a bass track can add clarity without overpowering. Adding distortion to a vocal track can add character and sizzle to cut through the mix without over-compression. The Space Heater 500’s amazing ‘adjustability’ allows it to be used as a subtle effect or as a high gain monster. And no matter your approach, it is sure to find its way on nearly everything you record.Studio grade 12AX7 tube overdrive35, 70 & 140 volt Heat switch to set plate B+ voltageTransformer coupled output for vintage toneVariable HPF & LPF filters to focus distortion
Radial Engineering, 500 Series Gear R700 0152 00

Radial Engineering Headload Guitar Amp Load …

Radial Engineering Headload Guitar Amp Load  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Headload Guitar Amp Load Box 16 Ohms
The Headload is a combination load box and attenuator that is capable of handling up to 130-watts RMS of continuous power and peaks of 180 watts. Inserted between the head and cabinet, it allows the guitar amp to be driven hard while reducing the output level to reduce the sound pressure on stage or provide the means for quiet recording in the studio. This enables the artist to optimize the tone from the guitar amplifier without having to perform at ear-blistering levels.The 100% discrete fan-cooled design begins with a series of cement encrusted, epoxy coated copper resistor coils that are controlled via a 6-position rotary switch to set the desired power reduction from 100% down to 20%. A trim control provides fine adjustment when below 20%. The Headload output can be turned off for quiet on-stage use, recording or when practicing using the built-in headphone amplifier.In order to ensure greater consistency from gig to gig, the Headload is equipped with a Radial JDX Reactor direct box. This captures both the signal from the head plus the reactive load from the speaker cabinet for a more natural tone. The JDX has gained tremendous popularity with users as diverse as Megadeth, Aerosmith, Rascal Flatts, Sting and Radiohead.For engineers that prefer to combine a direct feed with a microphone, the Headload has also been equipped with a Radial Phazer phase adjustment tool. This lets you time-align the JDX direct feed with the microphone to deliver incredibly natural tones, or when pushed to extreme, create over the top effects. The JDX direct output may also be tailored to suit with a 6-position voicing switch to select from various cabinet emulation presets and fine tuned using a 2-band EQ to tame overly bright amps.Available now in 8 ohms, the Headload is possibly the most useful load box ever made.Radial JDX Reactor and Phazer for direct recordingDelivers great tone from your amp at low volumeFront vents allow cool air to circulate, driving by rear-mounted fanShelving EQ Control used to fine-tune the JDX output to suit your recording or live monitoring needsRemovable handle for rack mountingAnalog phase-shift control lets you adjust between 0-180 degrees and 181-360 degreesResonance enhacnes the EQ curve to compensate for the tone shift when the speaker level is reducedRange Control knob lets you fine-tune the power level when set below 20% for greater controlLoad Control knob is a six-positions rotary switch that sets the power reduction from 100% down to OFFRotary switch lets you chose between six cabinet emulation prest curves180/360 button toggles the phase shift from 0-180 to 181-360 degreeHeadphone outPhase adjustment toolAnalog phase-shift control lets you adjust between 0-180 to 181-360 degree1/4″ out jack for connection to amp1/4″ out jacks for connecting to speaker cab1/4″ in jacks for connection from guitarRever
Radial Engineering, Guitar Power Amplifiers R800 7056

Radial Engineering Bigshot I/O Selector …

Radial Engineering Bigshot I/O Selector  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Bigshot I/O Selector Switch
The Radial BigShot i/o is an easy-to-use instrument selector switch that lets you quickly transition between any two instruments and drive the signal to your amp. Because the i/o is 100% true-bypass, it addresses the needs of the most demanding purist.To further enhance connectivity, input-B is equipped with a level control called DIM that lets you reduce the signal from the louder of your two instruments so that both instruments are matched to the same volume level when they reach the amplifier. When passive instruments are used, a unique ‘bright’ switch lets you compensate for high frequency loss due to longer cables.To enhance onstage functionality, the BigShot i/o is equipped with a tuner output. With a simple foot stomp on the MUTE switch, the sound going to the amp is turned off and diverted to the tuner for quiet onstage adjustments. An ‘always on’ switch also permits on-the-fly quiet tuning should you wish to have the tuner on at all times.Compact, extremely rugged and completely passive, the BigShot i/o does not require any powering to make it work. This makes it ideal for pedal boards where the use of batteries or power supplies is painful! The BigShot i/o is also perfect for all you instruments and hi-Z line-level signal switching.Toggle two instruments with single foot stompAdjustable volume control to match levelsSeparate tuner output and mute switchCompact and rugged for pedal boardsLoad compensation for long cables
Radial Engineering, Switch Effects Pedals R800-7202

Radial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot Aby …

Radial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot Aby  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot Aby Passive Switcher
The Radial Engineering BigShot ABY Passive Switcher toggles between 2 guitar amps. Or use the BigShot to play them both at the same time. Offers a guitar input, a thru-put, and 2 outputs. Output B has a ground-lift and 180 polarity reverse. For active buffered circuits, The BigShot ABY Passive Switcher eliminated ground loops with an isolation transformer on output-B. 14-gauge steel construction.Toggle between 2 guitar amps or play both at onceGuitar inputThru-put2 outputsOutput B has ground-lift, polarity reverse, isolation transformer14-gauge steel construction
Radial Engineering, Switch Effects Pedals R800 7200

Radial Engineering Q4 Four Band …

Radial Engineering Q4 Four Band  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Q4 Four Band Semi-Parametric Eq
The Radial Q4 is a unique equalizer that combines the warmth and detail of a pure class-A circuit with the character of true 100% discrete state-variable filters. In other words, no integrated circuits are employed whatsoever. Each full size through-hole part is carefully inserted by hand and then wave soldered to ensure optimal signal flow. This produces a level of sonic warmth and musicality that excels above the others.Designed to fit in the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks, the Q4 features four frequency bands with high and low shelving at 10kHz and 100Hz and two semi-parametric mid sections that let you sweep frequencies from 300Hz to 8kHz. The two mid-bands can be further optimized by selecting either a wide or narrow Q. All frequencies may be cut or boosted by up to 12dB – affording plenty of range. A handy ‘bypass’ switch lets you compare the dry tone with the EQ’s effect and for those equipped with a Workhorse, the Omniport is designated as an unbalanced 1/4″ TRS input/output connection that can be inserted into a console channel strip using a single TRS cable.This makes the Q4 a wonderful choice for adding analog character to a voice or instrument and a natural for enhancing music program material.Four band semi-parametric equalizer100% discrete class-A state-variable filtersSounds exceptionally warm and naturalFits all standard 500 series power racks
Radial Engineering, 500 Series Gear R700 0162 00

Radial Engineering Hotshot Dm1 Microphone …

Radial Engineering Hotshot Dm1 Microphone  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Hotshot Dm1 Microphone Signal Muting Footswitch
Allows the vocalist to depress to mute his mic with a footswitch and redirect the signal to the monitoring system and/or intercom. This passive floor box is equipped with an XLR mic input, momentary footswitch, and main and monitor XLR outputs. Designed for dynamic microphones.Mic mute and signal redirectPassive floor-boxXLR mic inputMomentary footswitchMain and monitor XLR outputsDesigned for dynamic microphones
Radial Engineering, Direct Boxes R800 1700

Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way …

Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering 8Ox Eight Channel 3-Way Microphone Splitter
The Radial 8ox is a high performance, 8-channel mic splitter with 3 outputs on each channel: a direct output for 48V phantom return, and auxiliary output with ground lift switch and a transformer isolated output. Although primarily designed for mic signals, the 8ox is equipped with a 20dB pad for line level sources. This makes the rackmountable 8ox highly adaptable for all types of signal splitting and particularly well-suited to accommodate live recording by delivering a transformer isolated audio signal path for the recording engineer while providing a direct feed to the front of house and monitor consoles.For maximum flexibility, several connector options are available: Inputs may be accessed via the front panel using standard XLRs or on the rear panel with choice of 25-pin D-subs wired to the TASCAM standard or Euro screw-down terminal connectors. Outputs include D-Subs and Euro connectors, which are also located on the rear panel. These make it easy to connect to popular multitrack recording systems while providing easy termination for permanent installations. Because it is 100% passive, it does not require any power to make it work and maximum durability is ensured with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel construction throughout. Comes standard with a custom wound Radial transformer. The Radial 8ox is a great sounding splitter that’s easy to use, compact and convenient.Compact 8-channel multipurpose mic splitterRear panel D-sub and Phoenix screw terminalsIdeal for live recording and signal distributionProvide broadcast or podcast feedFacilitate in-ear monitoring system
Radial Engineering, Direct Boxes R800-8003