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Providence Pec-2 Programmable Effects …

Providence Pec-2 Programmable Effects  ...Providence – Providence Pec-2 Programmable Effects Controller
The PEC-2 Programmable Effects controller gives you the power and flexibility to have virtually any pedal combination at your feet and eliminates the needs to tap dance in the middle of your performance.5 series loopsLoops 1 through 5 are connected in series. When a loop is OFF the corresponding SEND output is muted so that no signal is sent to the connected effect unit. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted oscillation due to crosstalk when high-gain effects are used.All loops are S.C.T (Single Contact True-bypass) type circuits, so when a loop is bypassed the signal passes through only a single relay circuit for maximum reliability as well as maximum sound quality.3 separate loopsLoops 6 through 8 are independent. The loop 6 through 8 SEND jacks can also be used as latching N.C. (Normally Closed) switches, and the loop 6 through 8 OUT jacks can be used as latching N.O. (Normally Open) switches for remote amplifier channel switching. Even the ground lines are independent, so you can use these loops as control switches for multiple devices without having to worry about ground loop problems.The separate loops can be used as mute loops, A/B switchers, and for many other utility functions.When the five series loops aren’t enough for your system, you can patch the separate loop IN and OUT jacks together to provide up to eight series loops. Two of the separate loops can be used together as a stereo loop.MIDI FunctionsMIDI IN and OUT/THRU connectors are provided to allow MIDI communication with external equipment. The PEC-2 can also be used as a MIDI pedal. MIDI control change numbers can be assigned to the switches as required, allowing the PEC-2 to be used in a wide range of MIDI-based systems. When two PEC-2 units are connected in the link mode, the MIDI IN and OUT/THRU connecto5 series loops3 separate loops (loops 6 through 8 are independent)MIDI functionsMute function84 independent memory locations (7 programs x 12 banks)Link mode enables two PEC-2 units to be linked to handle up to 16 loopsPEC-2 buffer is a proven designTuner outPower adaptor supplies twice the required power, and maintains stable operation if supply drops to 80% of its rated voltage
Providence, Multi-Use Amplifier Footswitches PEC-2