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Pignose 7-100Tw 5W 1X5 Tweed Portable Guitar …

Pignose 7-100Tw 5W 1X5 Tweed Portable Guitar  ...Pignose – Pignose 7-100Tw 5W 1X5 Tweed Portable Guitar Combo Amplifier
The Pignose 7-100 guitar amplifier is the answer to the worldwide demand for a high-quality, economical and completely portable amplifier. This version is the same as the company’s classic design, except it is covered in a limited edition tweed finish for that hip yesteryear look!It’s powered by six AA batteries (not included) or by an optional AC adapter, which can be stored inside the amplifier case. The Pignose 7-100 gives the electric guitar the same mobility as the acoustic, and it weighs only five pounds!You can attach a standard guitar strap and sling the Pignose over your shoulder.It’s a Practice AmpWith a Pignose, you can practice anywhere at any time. It features a full array of tones from clean to crunchy.It’s a First AmpThe Pignose 7-100 combines economy with quality and will never outlive its usefulness when you buy up to bigger amps. It will always be handy for traveling and for working on quick ideas on the road. And it has a preamp out jack!It’s a Studio and Performing AmpThe Pignose 7-100 sound is so good that many players use it as a preamp in stage and studio performances. This is done by sending the preamp out signal to a bigger amp or PA (for stage performances) or to the recording console (for recording). The 7-100 has been used on many hit recordings.It’s the Ultimate Portable AmpThis is the one that started it all more than 30 years ago. The powerful little Pignose, with that distinctively funky Pignose sound, has been on call in countless recording studios, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, dorm rooms and backyards around the world since the rockin’ seventies.Get tones from clean to pig-filthy with the turn of the coolest volume knob in the world.Power: 5W (solid state)One channelSpeaker: 1×5 in.Volume controlPreamp outputUses six AA batteries for portable useOptional AC adapter for home useDimensions: 6.25 in. x 5 in. x 9.5 in.Weight: 6 lbs.
Pignose, Mini Guitar Amplifiers 7100TW

Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable …

Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable  ...Pignose – Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable Amp
The Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable Amp is their original portable practice amp, complete with pig-snout on/off switch and volume control. The case opens for easy access to the amplifier’s speaker and other insides. You can even have a friend fan the case open and closed for a wah-wah effect! The Legendary Pignose Amp also offers a preamp out jack for plugging those classic distortion sounds into an external power amp, PA, or recording console. This little Pignose is a quality-built amp with metal corner protectors, tough covering, and a rugged 6″ speaker. The portable Pignose Legendary 7-100 weighs just 5 lbs and runs on batteries or its optional power supply.
Pignose, Mini Guitar Amplifiers 7-100