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Ortofon Om Digitrack Single …

Ortofon Om Digitrack Single  ...Ortofon – Ortofon Om Digitrack Single Cartridge
Although Ortofon has been around since the days of phonographs, they’ve stayed hip to the newest generations of turntables. The DigiTrack cartridge was designed for extensive use with time-coded vinyl applications, such as Serato, Traktor Scratch, MixVibes DVS, and Torq. Its low-wear design and tailored frequency response increase the life span of time-coded vinyl records, but it’s not a one-trick pony. It provides high quality sound reproduction for playing conventional vinyl records as well. DigiTrack features a high compliance suspension which gives you excellent groove-handling capabilities for scratch and mix performance, as well as increased output voltage for improved TCV performance and better sound quality from your mixer’s phono preamps.Spherical stylusFor use with timecoded vinyl applications
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Ortofon Om Elektro Single Turntable …

Ortofon Om Elektro Single Turntable  ...Ortofon – Ortofon Om Elektro Single Turntable Cartridge
The Ortofon Elektro OM Turntable Cartridge isn’t just another pretty face, despite its sleek white styling. With a reinforced rubber suspension, the Elektro OM is the perfect hybrid needle for the vinyl artist who both mixes and scratches. Enhanced tracking ability and excellent sound quality combine to form a unique balance of form and functionality. With bold, round sound, this Ortofon cartridge brings your music to life, whether you’re in a club or the studio. The Ortofon OM Elektro Cartridge mounts to a standard turntable headshell.Sleek designReinforced rubber suspensionEnhanced tracking abilityMounts to a standard turntable headshell
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Ortofon Concorde Nightclub Mkii Elliptical …

Ortofon Concorde Nightclub Mkii Elliptical  ...Ortofon – Ortofon Concorde Nightclub Mkii Elliptical Stylus
Following in the footsteps of the legendary Nightclub series, the re-engineered Nightclub MkII boasts numerous sonic improvements in both club and studio settings. With a new cartridge body, the Nightclub MkII offers increased output voltage for powerful, energetic sound and enhanced performance from integrated phono preamps such as the ones found in DJ mixers.Club DJ and studio workers believe the Nightclub MkII to be an absolute high-end cartridge. It is indeed a no-nonsence performer with fascinating musical resources. Its output is superb with a frequency response rating high enough to compare Nightclub MkII to any audiophile cartridge. The special elliptical stylus guarantees sound with insignificant scratching.Refreshed and re-engineered designUpdated cartridge body for increased output voltageIntegrated phono preamps deliver powerful, energetic soundFrequency response rating comparible to any audiophile cartridge
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Ortofon Mf7 Single …

Ortofon Mf7 Single  ...Ortofon – Ortofon Mf7 Single Cartridge
The Ortofon MF7 prides itself in having a rugged suspension created for scratching & backcueing, and rough handling. The MF7 cartridge is particularly good for electronic music and hip-hop, where there is an emphasis on energetic percussion and deep, aggressive bass. Without harshness, the lively sounding spherical stylus of the MF7 produces a slightly accentuated midrange to help scratching cut through the mix.Stylus type: Spherical
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Ortofon Om Pro S Single …

Ortofon Om Pro S Single  ...Ortofon – Ortofon Om Pro S Single Cartridge
The Ortofon Pro S OM Turntable Cartridge has a spherical stylus like the standard Ortofon model, and gives you similiar sonic results. Yet this cartridge’s wider stylus means you get lower wear and higher durability under demanding conditions. Best suited for scratch applications, the Ortofon OM Pro S cartridge provides remarkable versatility for virtually any setting. This Ortofon cartridge is an excellent choice for new DJs looking for a quality stylus at an affordable price while perfecting peformance skills.
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