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Notion Progression Guitar Composition …

Notion Progression Guitar Composition  ...Notion – Notion Progression Guitar Composition Software
Amateur and professional guitarists alike will find PROGRESSION guitar software by Notion to be a useful tool for getting ideas worked out, or simply mastering the tricks and licks of their favorite songs. It includes thousands of real samples of electric and acoustic guitar from Neil Zaza (known for his instrumental compositions), as well as electric bass and drum samples from Grammy-winning brothers Victor and Roy “Future Man” Wooten (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones). Guitar and bass amp simulators, VST-hosting capability for using personal effects plug-ins, and amp modelers enable full control of guitar tones.Besides the great sounds that are possible, the easy-to-use application will help capture new song ideas in real time and play them back instantly, even scoring the music for the composer. Users can quickly enter guitar tablature or standard notation with keyboard and mouse, MIDI guitar, or MIDI keyboard and the software will create the notation of the performance. Any changes to guitar tablature, key, or tempo are automatically updated. Other instruments can be added for the feel of a full band, or guitar parts and solos can be isolated for more beneficial practiciReal sound samples from guitarist Neil Zaza and Grammy award winners Victor and Roy “Futureman” WootenFeatures acoustic and electric guitar; electric and upright bass; drum kit, grand and electric piano; and clavinetTablature and notation entry via keyboard and mouse, MIDI guitar, or keyboard inputEasy edit feature: click and drag, note audition, and simple deletionReal time dynamic linking between tab and notation stavesAllows tab and notation for additional stringed instruments like banjo and mandolin, with alternate tuningsInteractive chord libraryLead sheet capabilityRealtime tempo control with NTempo featureIntegrated audio mixer with volume, panning, and mute/solo controlsBuilt-in guitar and bass amp simulatorVST hosting capabilityMIDI file import and exportWav file export
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