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Nfuzd Audio Nspire Sound …

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Sound  ...NFUZD Audio – Nfuzd Audio Nspire Sound Module
The NSPIRE range of electronic percussion is the fruits of four years worth of labour from the boffins at KHS. KHS has joined up with software firm FXpansion, resulting in the INFUZD range being shipped with a specially-tailored copy of drum sampling program BFD. This means that users will have thousands of kits at their fingertips right out of the box. In fact, you will have more than 55GB of 24-bit samples to choose from.This sound module features 16-bit/44.1 KHz on-board samples which produce Advanced Drum Emulation. The range has been developed along with the expert help of session star Russ Miller and e-drum guru John Emrich and promises full stereo WAV samples with full frequency response.16-bit/44.1 KHz on-board samples55GB of pre-loaded samples
NFUZD Audio, Electronic Drum Modules NSP1-MODULE

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Hi-Hat …

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Hi-Hat  ...NFUZD Audio – Nfuzd Audio Nspire Hi-Hat Clutch
The NSPIRE Hi-Hat Clutch allows for natural and authentic positioning of the NSPIRE Hi-Hat Trigger Pad. This heavy-duty clutch with large diameter post was designed to accommodate the NSPIRE Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad.Designed for a 14″ hi-hat padOffers natural, authentic feel
NFUZD Audio, Electronic Cymbals NSP1-CLUTCH

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Usb Drive …

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Usb Drive  ...NFUZD Audio – Nfuzd Audio Nspire Usb Drive 3-Pack
This NSPIRE USB Drive 3-Pack eliminates the need to carry a computer to access expanded sample libraries. Each 8gb thumb drives gives the player tools to store, organize and transport sound libraries and presets in a compact device.
NFUZD Audio, Trigger Pads NSP1-USB3