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Monster Power Pro 800 High-Performance …

Monster Power Pro 800 High-Performance  ...Monster Power – Monster Power Pro 800 High-Performance Powercenter
The Monster Power Monster Power PRO 800 High-Performance PowerCenter gives you a professional musician-level AC power protection system for great sound onstage and in the studio. Features Monster’s patented Clean Power Stage 1, 1850-joule surge protection for better sound, and 24k gold contacts to maximize power transfer from AC lines to power-hungry amps for optimum performance. Outlets are clearly labeled and color-coded, and labels for your power cords are provided for easy identification.Monster Clean Power Stage 1 v2.0 filtering provides noise-free power to componentsAudible and visual indicators for ground and protection status8 color-coded outlets for error free connections1850 joule rating provides high level of surge protectionHeavy duty, extra-long, high-current 10 ft. Monster PowerLine 100 cord for maximum power transfer24k gold-plated ground plug for maximum conductivity
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