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Millennia Hv-3D-8 8-Channel Microphone …

Millennia Hv-3D-8 8-Channel Microphone  ...Millennia – Millennia Hv-3D-8 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier
The Millennia HV-3D-8 is a microphone preamplifier of superb sonic character, technical specification, and mechanical workmanship. It offers 8 double-balanced, extremely wide dynamic range stereo microphone preamplifiers intended for demanding acoustic recording. It combines precisely matched, discrete bipolar transistors with a laser trimmed, DC-coupled, FET-based output driver stage. Unlike standard mic preamplifiers, the HV-3D never unbalances or rebalances the original signal, thus maintaining the highest degree of signal integrity. Unlike preamps using vacuum tubes, IC function modules, and audio transformers (all of which can lend their own audio coloration) the Millennia HV-3D is precisely optimized to capture the subtlest detail of the music and ambience. With +23 dBu native input headroom, it requires no input pads, attenuators, or switch points as found on common textbook preamp designs – thus avoiding yet another source of sonic degradation. Moreover, with its +32 dBu output headroom, ultra-high dynamic stability and linearity are assured.High-speed transformerless design23dB input and 32dB output headroomNo pads (attenuators) requiredEntirely balanced audio pathLaser trimmed FET-based outputTHD+N less than 5 PPM (.0005%)Matched discrete transistor octet front endPrecision components throughoutGold audio connectors and switchesStandard 36-step gain control (1.5dB per step)Stereo gain matched to .08dBOFC audio wiring, silver Teflon power wiringUltra-clean toroidal power supplyWelded 16-gauge chassisUnsurpassed ambience retrievalEffortless lifelike musical performance at all dynamic levels
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