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Mesa Boogie El-34 Str-447 Amp Tubes Duet …

Mesa Boogie El-34 Str-447 Amp Tubes Duet  ...Mesa Boogie – Mesa Boogie El-34 Str-447 Amp Tubes Duet Duet
The MESA EL-34 STR-447 is Mesa/Boogie’s very best overall EL-34 power tube. It is a premium grade, NOS (New Old Stock) equivalent and Mesa’s tube of choice in the production of all Mesa EL-34 powered models. It has a traditional EL-34 tone and feel that is very urgent and aggressive and is an excellent choice for all styles of gain, especially classic rock, alternative rock, and metal. This tube is true to the crown with focused low end, crushing midrange crunch and crystal-like highs. The EL34 STR-447 offers authentic British amp tone, and has excellent structural quality with exceptional consistency and reliability. Comes as a matched pair.Mesa/Boogie starts with the finest tubes from around the world, tests and matches each one under simulated operating conditions to the tightest, most demanding industry spec. Then backs them with the best warranty in the business. Robotube State-of-the-Art Tube TesterWith the brains of a computer and the ears of a musician, Robotube runs a battery of seven exacting tests on each power tube and analyzes performance so thoroughly it can even predict the tube’s lifetime. Designed by Mesa Engineering and built f
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