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Mccarthy Music Mc000001 61-Key Illuminating …

Mccarthy Music Mc000001 61-Key Illuminating  ...McCarthy Music – Mccarthy Music Mc000001 61-Key Illuminating Piano Black
The McCarthy Music Illuminating Piano is a 61-key MIDI controller that will guide you to learning the piano with both your ears and your eyes. Each key is capable of illuminating brilliantly and evenly in any possible color combination, and using McCarthy Music’s custom software allows you to connect your PC, Mac OSX computer, or iOS tablet directly to the Piano using either wireless Bluetooth technology or a standard USB cable. The software is designed to make learning to play the piano fun and easy. When you want to learn a piece of music the software guides you through the sheet music, illuminating each note throughout the composition as you play.Innovative HardwareIn traditional piano practice, you have to look at a piece of sheet music and identify where on the keyboard that note is located. By illuminating the key when you are supposed to play it, the learning process is significantly enhanced making this without a doubt one of the most efficient ways to learn. Maximize your practice time and be more efficient. No more fumbling around with paper sheet music. No more trying to understand if how youre playing something is how its *actually* supposed to be played. Just switch to listen mode, and have the software play the song correctly for you.Once youve become slightly more comfortable reading music, or even just playing a single small piece of music, use the Key Light Hints to facilitate your learning to read sheet music. This simple solution gives you a few seconds to try and find the right notes on your own, and if you dont, the Illuminating Piano will help you along by lighting the correct notes. Each key is velocity sensitive with 100 different levels of key presses, all housed in an elegant and sturdy anodized aluminum casing. The Integrated touchscreen control panel gives you control of the software directly from the hardware itself.Custom SoftwareUnlike some other similar pianos or keyboard61-key USB MIDI controller with integrated RGB LED lightingCustom designed light diffusion and spreading technologyBluetooth connectivity between your tablet or computer and the PianoIntegrated touchscreen control panel controls the software directly from the hardwareVelocity sensitive keys, enabling 100 different levels of key pressesElegant and sturdy anodized aluminum casing and housingCustom built, multi-platform software, designed to make learning to play the piano easy and funFull access to the McCarthy Music CloudAccess to the digital sheet music store with over 1,000 custom digital arrangements for purchaseFull offline access, so you can play your piano anywhere that you have powerCust
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