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Lp Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Shakers, 1 …

Lp Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Shakers, 1  ...LP – Lp Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Shakers, 1 Pair
These LP Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Shakers are great fun for kids and adults alike. They’re portable, so tote a few to the gig or to your drum circle or percussion gathering. The shakers are easy to hold even when you are already gripping sticks or a tambourine. These LP shakers emit a projective crisp tone great on stage, and are very mic-friendly in the studio. These reliable mini-shakers from Latin Percussion have certified safe inner shot and external housings.
LP, Shakers & Rattles LP004-GLO

Lp Box Shakers-Set Of …

Lp Box Shakers-Set Of  ...LP – Lp Box Shakers-Set Of 3
This trio of rhythm shakers will tempt young and old alike with their bright, bold colors, easy-to-grip sizes and terrific sounding high, medium, and low pitches. Made of easy care, wipe-clean plastic so you don’t have to worry about them being enjoyed to their fullest! Ages 2 and up.
LP, Classroom Shakers, Castanets & Rattles LPR070-I

Lp Aspire Santana Wood Conga Set …

Lp Aspire Santana Wood Conga Set  ...LP – Lp Aspire Santana Wood Conga Set Black
The Latin Percussion Aspire Santana Wood Conga Set includes 10″ and 11″ drums with wood shells that are beautifully finished with exclusive artwork from Santana’s classic album, Abraxas. The LP congas’ EZ-Curve rims feature heightened durability, comfort, and a unique skin wire channel. Also standard are 9/32″-diameter tuning rods, reinforced side plates, specially selected rawhide tucked heads, and chrome hardware. The conga drum set comes with a double-braced, height-adjustable chrome conga stand.Santana has played an incredibly important role in popularizing Latin rhythms to the masses. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Santana has sold more than 90 million records, performed for 100 million people globally, and won 10 Grammy Awards.These LP Santana conga drums are offered as a result of the long and celebrated relationship between Carlos Santana and Latin Percussion.Santana commemorative graphicsHardwood shellsDurable Cuban-style steel bottoms10″- and 11″-diametersHand-selected natural rawhide headsDouble-braced, height-adjustable chrome conga stand
LP, Congas LPA625-SNB

Lp Performer Series 2-Piece Conga And Bongo …

Lp Performer Series 2-Piece Conga And Bongo  ...LP – Lp Performer Series 2-Piece Conga And Bongo Set With Chrome Hardware Natural
This LP conga set includes three of LP’s most popular Performer Series hand drums: the 11″ quinto, 11-3/4″ conga and a free set of bongos. Features include Siam oak shells for warm, resonant open tones and sharp slap tones; EZ-Curve rims for hand comfort and tucked heads for a classic tone. The exterior drum shell design and steel bottoms provide extra durability and stability. Drum stands not included.Crafted from Siam oak, the bongo drums sing in the upper-mid frequencies with full open tones and crackle with high-pitched slaps. EZ-Curve rims and tucked heads also come standard. An excellent and affordable choice for beginning and intermediate players. Drumhead sizes are 6-3/4″ and 8″.Quality Siam oak shellsEZ-Curve rims for hand comfortUpdated exterior drum shell designSteel bottoms added for durability and stabilityAdded bonus of bongosConga configuration:11″ quinto and 11-3/4″ congaBongo configuration: 6-3/4″ and 8″
LP, Congas LPP2B-AWC

Lp Lp257-Bz Tito Puente 14″ And 15″ Bronze …

Lp Lp257-Bz Tito Puente 14LP – Lp Lp257-Bz Tito Puente 14″ And 15″ Bronze Timbales
LP LP257-BZ Tito Puente Bronze Timbals boast distinctive, modern ribbed bronze shells that produce a warmer sound. The cascara-the sound produced when striking the side of the shell-is livelier and more cutting. LP includes a chromeplated, heavy-duty, steel stand with a geared tilter that locks tight for either straight or tilted playing. The timbale stand’s height-adjustment mechanism ensures non-slip, positive positioning with only hand tightening. LP also includes an adjustable cowbell holder with the Tito Puente Bronze Timbale set.Distinctive, modern ribbed bronze shells produce a warmer head sound Livelier, more cutting “cascara” Chromeplated, heavy-duty, steel stand with a geared tilter Stand’s height-adjustment mechanism ensures nonslip, positive positioning with hand tightening Adjustable cowbell holder
LP, Timbales LP257-BZ

Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga 12 1/2 …

Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga  12 1/2  ...LP – Lp Galaxy Giovanni Series Conga 12 1/2 In
Serious congas for serious pros like Giovanni Hidalgo. Galaxy Giovanni Conga Series are among the finest wood congas ever created. Extended Collar Comfort Curve II rims offer better tonal range and comfort. Gorgeous shells crafted of premium, environmentally friendly North American ash with a unique 3-ply construction technique utilizing steel pins for reinforcement. The uniquely sized Requinto is capable of deep bass tones, smooth open tones, and clean, snappy slaps. Gold tone hardware including heavy-duty steel side plates and 3/8″-diameter lugs. Hand-selected natural rawhide heads and innovative shell designs provide commanding bass, rich mids, crackling highs, and punchy projection. Includes accessory pouch, tuning wrench, and lug lube.Extended Collar Comfort Curve II rims Natural rawhide heads 3-ply North American ash shells Innovative shell designs
LP, Congas LP807Z-AW

Lp Puerto Rican Flag Rawhide …

Lp Puerto Rican Flag Rawhide  ...LP – Lp Puerto Rican Flag Rawhide Maracas
Viva Puerto Rico! Specially prepared rawhide shells filled with a unique material ensure that the tone will be crisp and cutting yet full and solid. The raw-hide shells are secured firmly to wood handles. These are old school maracas with an updated sound and emphatically patriotic look.Natural rawhide shells and wood handles
LP, Maracas LP393-PR

Lp Lp206a Bongo …

Lp Lp206a Bongo  ...LP – Lp Lp206a Bongo Cowbell
The LP206A Bongo Cowbell arrives with a built-in mounting clamp as a standard enhancement. The LP Bongo Cowbell has a deep, rich, dry sound. LP crafts the Bongo Bell of heavier-gauge steel than non-hand-held bells for a deeper sound. The Bongo Bell is a great all-around cowbell for solid-hitting percussionists.
LP, Cowbells LP206A