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Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass …

Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass  ...Leblanc – Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass Clarinet
Vito model 7182 contrabass clarinet is pitched one octave lower than the bass clarinet. Its deep, dark tone adds incredible richness to the bass section of any ensemble.It is in the key of Bb and features a 1.182″ bore, one-piece body, Resotone wood-like finish, nickel-plated keys, and a range to low Eb.Key of BBb1.182″ boreOne-piece bodyResotone wood-like finishNickel plated keysRange to low Eb
Leblanc, Bass Clarinets L7182

Leblanc 2314 Sax …

Leblanc 2314 Sax  ...Leblanc – Leblanc 2314 Sax Lyre
Throw the LeBlanc sax lyre in your case and be ready for anything! LeBlanc gives you a wide variety of choices when it comes to lyres. You’re sure to find the one you need! Call us and we’ll give you more detail on the one you’re interested in.
Leblanc, Woodwind Lyres 2314

Leblanc Polishing …

Leblanc Polishing  ...Leblanc – Leblanc Polishing Cloth
The LeBlanc Polishing Cloth contains the finest natural waxes-carnauba and beeswax-with just enough silicone to assure even distribution of the wax. Polishes wood, plastic, and lacquer to a hard finish without streaking. Specially formulated to remove fingerprints and filmy soil.
Leblanc, Care & Cleaning for Woodwinds 3293B

Leblanc Professional Nickel-Finish Polishing …

Leblanc Professional Nickel-Finish Polishing  ...Leblanc – Leblanc Professional Nickel-Finish Polishing Cloth
The LeBlanc Professional Nickel-Finish Polishing Cloth is made of soft flannel specially treated with both a polish for a bright gleaming shine and a corrosion inhibitor to protect the surface and prolong the shine of your musical instrument.
Leblanc, Polishes, Cloths & Swabs for Brass 3294B

Leblanc Model 60 Bass …

Leblanc Model 60 Bass  ...Leblanc – Leblanc Model 60 Bass Clarinet
The LeBlanc L60 Bass Clarinet is an exciting instrument whose performance well exceeds its price. It has been praised for its large, robust sound, evenness of response throughout all the registers and consistent intonation. Designed for playability and dependability, the L60 features an aged and unstained grenadilla wood body with a professional, hand-hammered bell and heavily plated nickel or silver keys. Other major features include a responsive Steelite Ebonite mouthpiece, a great sealing corked tenon neck, a dependable single register key mechanism as well as the centered and powerful sound that results from the complex bore and expertly undercut tone holes.Aged and unstained grenadilla wood bodyHand-hammered bellHeavily plated nickel or silver keysSteelite Ebonite mouthpieceCorked tenon neckSingle register key mechanismExpertly undercut tone holes
Leblanc, Bass Clarinets L60