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Kilpatrick Audio “Kmidi Midi Interface Midi …

Kilpatrick Audio Kilpatrick Audio – Kilpatrick Audio “Kmidi Midi Interface Midi Breakout For K4815 And K2579”
Did you know that the K4815 and K2579 modules from Kilpatrick Audio have full MIDI functionality under the hood? This has always been accessible via the K1600 MIDI Converter, which can act as a MIDI port breakout for these modules. But the KMIDI is a simpler and lower-cost solution. Update your module firmware using the free firmware updates and delve into control possibilities not possible with just patch cables. The KMIDI interface is small at only 6HP, and draws its power directly from the host module.Eurorack (3U) form factor – 6HP widthMIDI breakout module for K4815 Pattern Generator and K2579 Step SequencerAccess all MIDI functionality on supported modulesAllows firmware updates and external controlPowered via host module with custom 10 pin cable (included)Designed and made in Canada using high quality parts.Warranty: 1 year
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