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Keith Mcmillen Instruments Midi …

Keith Mcmillen Instruments Midi  ...Keith McMillen – Keith Mcmillen Instruments Midi Expander
The Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep MIDI Expander is a must-have accessory that enables you to use the SoftStep to control your MIDI world. The MIDI expander provides a MIDI In and a MIDI Out that show up on your computer as SoftStep MIDI Port 2. Program your SoftStep with our easy-to-use control mapping software, plug in your MIDI rig, and you’re ready to send and receive data to external MIDI hardware. Needed to use the SoftStep without your computer in standalone mode.
Keith McMillen, MIDI Foot Controllers K-701

Keith Mcmillen Instruments K-Board Usb …

Keith Mcmillen Instruments K-Board Usb  ...Keith McMillen – Keith Mcmillen Instruments K-Board Usb Keyboard
K-Board is an unbreakable, ultraportable USB MIDI keyboard that works out of the box with Garage Band, Ableton Live, or any music application. K-Board has been tested to survive being run over by a car, dropped from a 2-story building, and more — all without breaking. The LED backlit, touch sensitive keypads ignite creativity and add musical expression by detecting your velocity, pressure, and finger tilt. Just pull K-Board out of your backpack, plug the USB cable into a computer or tablet*, launch any music app, and you’re ready to make music at your home, studio, the stage, or on the go.* appropriate adapter required for use with tabletLED backlit, touch sensitive keysUltra-durable and spill proofMac, Windows, iOS, AndroidPlug & play with any music software
Keith McMillen, MIDI Keyboard Controllers K-716