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Jazzlab Saxholder Saxophone …

Jazzlab Saxholder Saxophone  ...JAZZLAB – Jazzlab Saxholder Saxophone Harness
Instrument innovations come along with a fair degree of frequency, but rarely does a saxophone accessory change the prevailing paradigm. The Jazzlab saXholder saxophone harness does precisely that. Chronic back and neck pain is common among serious practicers and performers, largely due to the fact that traditional sax straps place all of the support tension on the neck and back. The saXholder is a new patented three-point support system that transfers the weight of the saxophone to two padded shoulder handles with additional support from an abdominal rest. It is constructed of aircraft aluminum and Kevlar for light weight and strength, and folds up conveniently for storage and transport.
JAZZLAB, Woodwind Straps & Supports saXholder

Jazzlab Silencer For Woodwind …

Jazzlab Silencer For Woodwind  ...JAZZLAB – Jazzlab Silencer For Woodwind Mouthpieces
The Silencer is a muting system that facilitates practice in quieter environments. Roommates? Neighbors? Warming up in the hotel? The Silencer includes couplings for soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone as well as Bb Clarinet. A handbook with instructions and exercises is supplied, along with an instructional DVD.Perfect for players of all ages and all levels Made in Switzerland Fits Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone as well as Bb Clarinet mouthpieces 
JAZZLAB, Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces SILENCER