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Gerlitz Instrument …

Gerlitz Instrument  ...Gerlitz – Gerlitz Instrument Cleaner
Gerlitz’s Smudge Off is an amazing spray cleaner that restores luster and shine to your instrument’s finish in just seconds, while adding protection as it cleans. It easily removes grime and fingerprints.and leaves an ultra smooth, anti-static surface that repels dust while extending the life of your instrument’s deep shine.Smudge Off is also ideal for cleaning and getting that “detailed” look on hardware, amplifiers and hardshell cases. Smudge Off contains no abrasives, and is safe and effective on glass, brass, chrome, plastics, metal and all hard finishes (lacquer, polyurethane, waterborne, varnish, etc.).
Gerlitz, Cleaners & Lubricants for Guitar & Bass SMUDGE OFF

Gerlitz No. 1 …

Gerlitz No. 1  ...Gerlitz – Gerlitz No. 1 Wax
Gerlitz’s No.1 guitar wax is made from the highest-quality grade of Carnauba wax available. Because it contains number-one grade pure-Brazilian Carnauba (the hardest wax there is), it provides a hard protective coating and leaves a mirror-like gloss other waxes and polishes simply can’t match. It’s especially effective on all gloss & satin hard finishes.
Gerlitz, Finish Protectors for Guitar & Bass NUMBER ONE WAX
Price Info: Gerlitz No. 1 …

Gerlitz Guitar Honey Fretboard …

Gerlitz Guitar Honey Fretboard  ...Gerlitz – Gerlitz Guitar Honey Fretboard Treatment
A unique blend of conditioning oils for rosewood, ebony, & other exotic woods. It will cleanse and enhance your fingerboard’s natural character, giving it a smooth silky feel and lustrous glowing sheen, while protecting against moisture, sweat, alcohol & grime in general. The results obtainable with Guitar Honey as good or better than any other fingerboard oil or treatment available.
Gerlitz, General Care & Cleaning GUITAR HONEY