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Galaxy Audio Cm-130 Check Mate Spl …

Galaxy Audio Cm-130 Check Mate Spl  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Cm-130 Check Mate Spl Meter
The Galaxy CM-130 Check Mate SPL Meter provides instant, accurate dB readouts when you have to comply with noise codes. The CM-130 sound meter is useful in the studio to establish critical monitoring levels. 4 level ranges. Includes an electret condenser microphone.Mini sizeMAX functionLevel range displayResolution 0.5dB
Galaxy Audio, Test Equipment CM-130

Galaxy Audio Cpts0000 Cricket Polarity Test …

Galaxy Audio Cpts0000 Cricket Polarity Test  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Cpts0000 Cricket Polarity Test Set
The Galaxy Audio battery-powered Cricket Polarity Test Set makes it easy to determine whether every component in an audio system is in or out of polarity-from patch bay to console to speakers. The Cricket tests balanced and unbalanced cables of up to 2,000 feet in length. It will drive a stage snake (even one with transformers), and indicate which of a microphone’s XLR connector pins is hot. The Cricket also plugs directly into a speaker cabinet and drives the components. A glance at the Galaxy Cricket’s red and green LED’s saves hours of troubleshooting. No wonder the Galaxy Audio Cricket polarity tester is indispensable tool for sound system owners, operators, installers and sound rental companies.Cricket Send Pulse GeneratorPulse Waveform Polarity: Positive-going balanced line output pulse switch selectable for hi or low level balanced signal with positive pressure produced at the tip of 1/4-inch jack and pin #2 of XLR jack.Speaker output pulse: Accepts 2 ohm (or greater) load with positive pressure produced at the tip of a 1/4-inch speaker jack and positive terminal of an internal speaker.Cricket Receive Pulse DetectorInternal microphone for testing speaker output.Polarity/Continuity Test: Female XLR pin 2,3,1 continuity; 1/4-inch jacks; tip, ring continuity. LEDs: Green indicates positive-going pulse polarity with power switch in “ON” position and battery status with power switch in “BAT” position. Red indicates negative-going pulse polarity. Detection inputs: one 1/4-inch, balanced; one XLR, balanced. Mic sensitivity; -64 dB, +/- 3dBChecks continuity and polarity1/4″ TRS and XLR in/outTests speakers, mics, cables and wireless systemsTests mixers and signal processors for polarity inversionsInternal speaker for testing mic polarityInternal mic for testing speakersHigh-level output for testing miles of cableBattery test onreceive module saves troubleshooting timeConvenient operation charts located on the under side of each unit
Galaxy Audio, Test Equipment CPTS

Galaxy Audio As-1100 Series Band Pack Band …

Galaxy Audio As-1100 Series Band Pack Band  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio As-1100 Series Band Pack Band L
The AS-1100 Personal Monitor System packs an amazing punch and allows you to easily cut through the thickest mixes. The transmitter has stereo XLR/” inputs, headphone output, and LCD display which displays the channel and input level. The Receiver has an LCD with channel, battery level, and RF/AF indicator. The AS-1100 is perfect for anyone looking for their first system or to upgrade to the next level.300′ rangeUHF frequency120 Selectable ChannelsEar BudsSingle rackmount included
Galaxy Audio, In-Ear Wireless Systems AS-1100-4L

Galaxy Audio Multi …

Galaxy Audio Multi  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Multi Mixer
The Multi Mixer is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. This unit features 4 inputs; channels 1 & 2: XLR / 1/4″ combo with -20dB pad, channel 3: Stereo RCA and Stereo 1/8″ mini (3.5mm), channel 4: Stereo RCA. Each channel has its own volume control. It also features numerous outputs including XLR, 1?4″, stereo RCA, and a stereo headphone output with a volume control.It will run off of 2 AA batteries for about 15 hours, or an optional DC power supply. It will supply +24V phantom power to microphones. It is great for: 1) Adding inputs to an existing mixer by creating a sub-mix of two or more sources before sending the signals to the main mixer or powered speaker. 2) Serving as a sophisticated cable adapter that not only adapts the connector type but also provides the correct impedance with adjustable level control. 3) Serving as the main mixer for solo or duo acts as well as AV presentations. 4) As a mixer for rehearsals when its impractical to set up the entire PA. 5) Interfacing pro audio gear with consumer audio gear. 6) Battery operation allows remote location use where AC power is unavailable. 7) As an emergency back-up mixer to have along just in case.Great Uses:ChurchesSchoolsBands+24V Phantom Power7 input/4 channelHeadphone output with volumeMultiple outputsMetal constructionPortable – runs off of 2 AA batteriesHigh gain/ wide dynamic range
Galaxy Audio, Unpowered Mixers JIBMM

Galaxy Audio Mst-C60 Standformer Microphone …

Galaxy Audio Mst-C60 Standformer Microphone  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Mst-C60 Standformer Microphone Stand
With the new MST-C Microphone Stand from Galaxy Audio, you can quickly transform from a standard straight microphone stand to a fully adjustable boom stand in seconds. The patented boom storage allows the boom to be concealed inside the extendable upright shaft for use as a standard straight mic stand. The boom will quickly and easily adjust out to convert to a boom arm stand. No extra pieces or parts are required. Because of the 5 Disc, Anti-Slip Cam, the boom arm can hold up to 2 lbs. fully extended. The aluminum alloy base and durable clutch design make this a great choice for a microphone stand.Save spaceRuggedly builtHolds heavy items
Galaxy Audio, Microphone Stands MST-C60

Galaxy Audio Dspot Ds-Sp36 3X6 Digital …

Galaxy Audio Dspot Ds-Sp36 3X6 Digital  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Dspot Ds-Sp36 3X6 Digital Speaker Processor
The Galaxy Audio DS-SP36 is a three-in, six-out Speaker Management System. Each input can be easily assigned to each of the six outputs. The system includes Gain, 5-band parametric EQ, and Delay on each of the three inputs, as well as on each of the six outputs, which also feature high and low pass filters for crossover use, limiters, and polarity reversal. Additionally, each input and output can have your own choice of name assigned to it.The DS-SP36 gives the user access to a powerful array of Xover, PEQ, Delay, Limiter, Gain, and Polarity controls to help maximize your loudspeaker system. Up to 24 presets can be saved. The DS-SP36 can be configured to have any input go to any out. This provides great versatility, giving many choices such as stereo 2-way, 1×3 with sub , 1×4, etc.User defined presets can be used for frequently visited venues or specific performers in a fixed install. Presets can be also be saved to internal or removable drives, in addition to the device itself, allowing for a preset to be designed in advance, and then downloaded on site. The DSPOT software provides many filtering and other detailed settings easily controlled on your PC, to3 input x 6 output Speaker Processor3 Analog Inputs, Stereo Digital Input, and 6 Analog OutputsEach Input has 5 Parametric Bell, or Shelving Filters and each Output has 5 Parametric Bell, or Shelving FiltersHigh Pass and a Low Pass Filter up to 24dB/Oct. on each OutputRMS Limiter each OutputInput and Output delays up to 850ms, with steps of 1msec and 21usec.Control via Front Panel or External PCExternal Control via USB as well as RS485Balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs
Galaxy Audio, Signal Routing DS-SP36

Galaxy Audio Single Ear Hook Omni Mic With …

Galaxy Audio Single Ear Hook Omni Mic With  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Single Ear Hook Omni Mic With Detachable Cable Wired For Audio-Technica Beige
The Galaxy Audio ES3 is a great choice for an economical headset. The ES3’s super lightweight design makes wearing the microphone easy and comfortable, even for long periods of time, without using excessive pressure to hold the microphone in place. The single ear hook and soft microphone stem allow for easy adjustment of the microphone’s position as you wear the headset. These headset microphones work perfectly with most available wireless transmitters. The ES3 can be wired to work with transmitters made by Galaxy Audio, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, and Audio Technica, as well as most other brands of wireless microphone systems. You can also use the ES3 microphone with most PC sound cards (adaptor not included). Check dropdown menu for available terminus options. Whereas this microphone is chiefly sold in wireless applications, it can plug directly into an input jack on any mixing console that supplies phantom power.Wraps Around One EarOmni Mic Element5mm Mic DiameterDetachable CableMultiple Connector Types4″ Mic Boom Length
Galaxy Audio, Wireless System Components ES3-OBG-AT

Galaxy Audio Cbm-562D Dual Carbon Fiber Mics …

Galaxy Audio Cbm-562D Dual Carbon Fiber Mics  ...Galaxy Audio – Galaxy Audio Cbm-562D Dual Carbon Fiber Mics With 62″ Stand And Base
The CBM-562D is a pair of lightweight carbon boom microphones designed for remote miking, ideal for amplifying choirs and orchestras, miking presentations, and all kinds of ambient miking applications. The CBM-562D comes with a 62″ tall mic stand and dual booms, and features 1/2″ gold-plated cardioid condenser capsules. The set can be used for electronic news gathering or for some sporting applications as well.It is a rugged, professional grade remote microphone that would be a welcome addition to any audio/visual professional’s tool kit. The CBM-5 Series Microphone is designed for many miking applications from vocals to strings and percussion. The all brass microphone head protects the ” Gold plated diaphragm, ensuring years of flawless performance. The CBM-5 Series feature a recessed -10 dB pad and 80Hz Low Frequency Roll Off switch, conveniently located on the microphone head.AudioFrequency response: 20Hz to 20kHzMax SPL: 140 dBSensitivity:Pattern and typeCapsule: CondenserPattern: CardioidType: MountedApplicationsPrimary: StageSecondary: TheatricalOther: PresentationPhysicalL x W x (D): 62 x 10.4 x 10.4″Weight: Not availableOtherCase: PouchClip: Not applicable
Galaxy Audio, Dynamic Microphones CBM-562D CBM-Base