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Diamond Amplification Vanguard Assassin 18W …

Diamond Amplification Vanguard Assassin 18W  ...Diamond Amplification – Diamond Amplification Vanguard Assassin 18W 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp
A Class A fire-breather, the Assassin is an 18-watt (although the measured output is 26 watts) high gain, single-channel, gigable and affordable amp suitable for nearly every situation. And now, it’s a 1×12 combo! Get all the amazing Assassin tones in the portability and convenience of a nicely sized combo.Covered in black Tolex, and featuring a Celestion V-Type 70-watt speaker, the Assassin is a quality, hand-built amplifier producing nothing short of ferocious gain and it is lightweight enough to save your back while still having the power to be gigable even in combination with two 4×12’s. Each Assassin is hand-wired on a hand-built fiberglass eyelet board using components selected for reliability and superior sonic character. With its open back cabinet configuration, you now have an entire new range of tones too. Want some lower gain settings and some more clean head room than the sister head, but still have the ferocious gain on tap? The Assassin Combo is your answer.The Assassin features a full set of tone controls (Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence) along with a Gain Mode switch allowing for traditional or diode-clipping gain style. The Assassin uses three 12AX7, two EL84 power tubes, and a solid state rectifier.Volume, Tone, Bass, MIddle, Treble, Presence, On/Off, StandbyChannels: 1Covering: Black TolexFeatures: Gain Mode SwitchLogo: Etched Zinc logoTubes: 3 x 12AX7 preamp and 2 x EL84 powerConfiguration: 1x12Speaker: Celestion V-Type (70 Watts)Power: 18 WattsPower rating: Class AConstruction: Hand-wired eyelet board
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