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Diago Ps01 Powerstation Power …

Diago Ps01 Powerstation Power  ...Diago – Diago Ps01 Powerstation Power Supply
With 3000 MA, the Diago Powerstation is the ultimate pedal board power supply. It will power from 1 to 30 pedals without noise or hum. Diago’s digital switch mode technology makes it quiet, light, efficient and small, reliably powering your pedals so you can concentrate on making music. (Case not included, see our sku # H75202)Powers over 95% of pedals, up to 30 at a time.Automatically supplies correct power, up to 3,000mA, 10 times most power suppliesIt’s quiet – uses studio-quality components for hum and noise-free operation.It’s small – much like the power supply you’d get with a laptop.It’s light – so it can be Velcroed down to your pedal board (Velcro supplied).It’s highly efficient – so it doesn’t get hot.Universal Input capability, works in any country.Design includes short circuit and voltage protection, so that you or your pedals wont fryIncludes Cable kit
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