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Dbx Pb-48 48-Point 1/4″ …

Dbx Pb-48 48-Point 1/4dbx – Dbx Pb-48 48-Point 1/4″ Patchbay
Patchbays often go unappreciated until their contacts get rusty or you need just a few more connections. The dbx PB-48 48-point Patchbay takes care of both problems with the greatest of ease. This balanced DBX 1/4″ TRS patchbay has 48 easy-to-reach jacks in the front and rear-96 points in all. Each of its 24-card assemblies has 4 jacks and thumbscrews so switching from normalled to non-normalled positions is easy. Pure nickel silver self-cleaning contacts won’t get funky and waste your connections. The patchbay uses one rackspace. You’ll appreciate its dependability and the price!
dbx, Patch Bays DBXPB48V