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Chedeville Professional Bb Clarinet  ...Chedeville – Chedeville Professional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece 4
Chedeville mouthpieces are made from proprietary rod rubber stock that has better acoustic properties than the rubber formulation necessary to make molded mouthpieces (which are all the present mouthpieces available). In the molding process, high heat and pressure are used to vulcanize the latex and sulfur. While in the cooling process there are distortions of the thinner versus the thicker parts of the mouthpiece due to differential cooling. Rod rubber, using the classic techniques used by the original Chedeville factory, is more homogenous and better vulcanized than molded rubber. When machined into a mouthpiece it has exact proportions of the classic Chedeville mouthpieces.Each new Chedeville mouthpiece is precisely machined by Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) lathes and milling machines to thousands of a millimeter tolerance. Designs are taken from models of the best old Chedeville mouthpieces and then carefully hand finished and play tested to be certain that each mouthpiece will bring excellence to the player.Chedeville mouthpieces, like their noble ancestors, have the same ringing tone, brilliance of sound color, and focused core with luscious warmth to the tone. They are also reed friendly meaning that an experienced player can find many reeds in a box that will play well on the mouthpiece.Available in sizes: 2, 3, & 4
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Chedeville Clarinet Mouthpiece Blank Blank …

Chedeville Clarinet Mouthpiece Blank Blank  ...Chedeville – Chedeville Clarinet Mouthpiece Blank Blank #2
Apply your mouthpiece makers art to the finest Chedeville rubber blanks available anywhere. These blanks are CNC machined from Chedeville rod rubber stock to exacting tolerances.The results will astound your customers and elevate your custom mouthpieces to the top tier and give you the opportunity to provide the most desired mouthpieces in the woodwind community with your own branding.CNC machinedChedeville rubber rod stockAvailable in 2 sizes (blank #1 & blank #2)
Chedeville, Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces CB 2