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Celestion Blues/Rock 4X12 Speaker …

Celestion Blues/Rock 4X12 Speaker  ...Celestion – Celestion Blues/Rock 4X12 Speaker Set
This Rock/Blues 4×12 Celestion Speaker Set features 2 G12M-25 Greenback 12″ Speakers and 2 G12H 30W Anniversary Vintage Guitar Speakers.G12M-25 Greenback 12″ SpeakerThe Celestion G12M-25 Greenback Speaker is a reproduction of the early ceramic magnet version of the G12, now referred to as the “Greenback.” Delivers the raw sound of ’60s rock, ideally suited for twin combos or 4 x 12 cabs. Handles 25W.G12H 30W Anniversary Vintage Guitar SpeakerThe Celestion G12H is a reissue of their 12″ guitar speaker that was rereleased in 1994 for the Celestion 70th anniversary. Loud and proud thanks to its heavy magnet structure, the G12H speaker provides a fusion of the Vintage 30 and the Greenback speaker characteristics, producing a thick, warm, and syrupy sound while still retaining a tight and focused bottom end.When played clean the G12H speaker remains clear and musical without ever sounding harsh. In overdrive, pick attack is vividly articulated with sustained notes trailing off into warm harmonic tones.
Celestion, Speakers for Instrument Amps KIT-582007

Celestion G10n-40 40W, 10″ Guitar Speaker …

Celestion G10n-40 40W, 10Celestion – Celestion G10n-40 40W, 10″ Guitar Speaker 16 Ohm
The 10″ G10N-40 from Celestion is a true “modern vintage” guitar speaker, delivering exceptionally well-balanced tone that has real Celestion pedigree.The G10N-40 is characterized by satisfyingly deep lows that are complemented by sweet and clear upper mids and an articulate, well-defined top end.Loaded into small combos, the G10N-40 articulates a detailed and warm clean sound, and its balanced response means this versatile speaker is still able to deliver true British grind when pushed to the limit.10″30WWell-balanced toneDeep lows, sweet mids, and articulate high endPressed steel chassis
Celestion, Speakers for Instrument Amps T5684AXD

Celestion Tf 0818Mr 8″ Pa Speaker: Mid Range …

Celestion Tf 0818Mr 8Celestion – Celestion Tf 0818Mr 8″ Pa Speaker: Mid Range 8 Ohm
The Celestion Truvox 0818MR is a high-sensitivity, midrange loudspeaker designed for use in large 3-way systems. Its closed-back chassis simplifies cabinet design, eliminating the need for a separate midrange enclosure.100W power handling800Hz-5kHz response99dB sensitivity8 ohm impedance
Celestion, Replacement PA Speakers T5278AXP

Celestion Metal/Hard Rock 4X12 Speaker …

Celestion Metal/Hard Rock 4X12 Speaker  ...Celestion – Celestion Metal/Hard Rock 4X12 Speaker Set
The Metal/Hard Rock 4×12 speaker set features 2 Celestion G12T-75 12″ Speakers and 2 Vintage 30 Speakers.G12T-75 12″ SpeakerBuilt to meet the demands of high gain amplifiers, the G12T-75 speaker combines a huge, tightly controlled low-end and aggressive mid-range with a softened top-end that adds a welcome sweetness to overdrive, distortion, and aggressive upper harmonics.Vintage 30 SpeakerThe Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker recreates the sound of the original Celestion Blue with new cone and new coil assembly for improved performance. It is now rated at 60W capability and handles the extra heat generated by higher power equipment. The Vintage 30 handles massive overdrive tones with ease.
Celestion, Speakers for Instrument Amps KIT-582004

Celestion V-Type 12″ 70W Guitar Amp Speaker …

Celestion V-Type 12Celestion – Celestion V-Type 12″ 70W Guitar Amp Speaker 8 Ohm
Combining decades of experience with advanced measurement and analysis, the V-Type has been built using a carefully balanced recipe of old andnew design techniques. It produces a heady, exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing: a speaker that delivers authentic Celestion tone whatever your style.The V-type is a sweet sounding speaker with a superbly balanced tonal signature that imparts a vintage musicality to your tone. Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids and highs, with just enough upper-mid chime and HF sparkle to add clarity and definition. Crank it up for a sizzling overdrive and raw rock tones, withplenty of mid-band warmth to give body and substance to lead-note playing.Power rating: 70 WNominal diameter: 12 in., 305mmNominal impedance: 8 ohms and 16 ohmsSensitivity: 98dBChassis type: Pressed steelVoice coil diameter: 1.75″, 44.5mmVoice coil material: Round copperMagnet type: CeramicMagnet weight: 31 oz. , 0.88 kgFrequency range: 75-5000 HzResonance frequency: Fs75 HzDC resistance: Re 7.3 ohms and 12.9 ohmsMounting InformationCut-out diameter: 11.1″, 283mmDiameter: 12.2″, 309mmMagnet structure diameter: 5.3″, 134mmMounting slot dimensions: 0.31″, 7.9mm Mounting slot PCD: 11.7″, 297mmNumber of mounting slots: 8Overall depth: 4.84″, 123mmUnit weight: 7.2lb, 3.3kg
Celestion, Speakers for Instrument Amps T5901

Celestion G10 Vintage 60W, 10″ Guitar …

Celestion G10 Vintage 60W, 10Celestion – Celestion G10 Vintage 60W, 10″ Guitar Speaker 16 Ohm
This 10″ 60W ceramic magnet speaker has been voiced to produce the unmistakable Celestion vintage tones. Pushed hard it has plenty of growl and performs with very solid bass, muscular mids, and an extremely articulate top end. In addition, the G10 Vintage employs a 1.75″ round copper voice coil, has a frequency range of 100-5500Hz, and sensitivity of 97dB (1W @ 1m). Golden sand finish.The G10 Vintage is the natural evolution of the well-respected Vintage 10. Closer to the sound of the Vintage 30 than its predecessor, the G10 Vintage still maintains a distinctive tonal flavor of its own. All of these speakers use the same voice coil designs and similar ceramic magnet structures to achieve their familiar, hard-rocking Celestion sound.10″ 60W ceramic magnet speaker1.75″ round copper voice coilFrequency range of 100-5500HzSensitivity of 97dB (1W @ 1m)Golden sand finish
Celestion, Speakers for Instrument Amps T5381AXD