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Bass Plate Bass Pedal Docking …

Bass Plate Bass Pedal Docking  ...Bass Plate – Bass Plate Bass Pedal Docking Plate
The Bass Plate is a revolutionary device that enables a player to adjust a beaters position in the drum head independently of the beater height. The striking point on the head determines the tonal response and this device enables you to explore your kick drum’s range. Maintaining the height of the beater will ensure drummers can retain the pedal feel you lose by adjusting a beater height.The Bass Plate bass drum pedal dock improves the sound, protects the hoop, and increases the stability of the bass drum. It also provides the added benefit of lateral pedal positioning. The Beater Plate is the only after-market docking device that quickly, safely, and securely attaches directly to the drum.The device affixes to kick drum lugs, is installed by removal of lugs and will not impede a bass drum from fitting into a case.Positioning and tone controlPedal lateral adjustabilitySound enhancementSecurity and stabilityEase of use
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