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Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan …

Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan  ...Avid – Avid Pro Tools 12.5 With 1-Year Upgrade Plan (Boxed Version)
iLok 2 required to license this product. Pro Tools is the industry choice for composing, recording, editing and mixing pro audio for music, film and TV. With Pro Tools 12.5 you can get to your mix faster than any previous version of Pro Tools with new and enhanced features including the new Cloud Collaboration, Track Commit and Track Bounce workflows, Clip Transparency, improved batch fades and so much more!Connect and collaborate in the cloudjust addedImagine being able to work on a session with friends, colleagues, or your favorite artist or producer with easeno matter where they are in the world. You can with Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools. Record, edit, and mix projects with others as if youre all working together in the same studio. And find new collaborators through the online Avid Artist Community.Track Freeze, Commit, and Bouncejust addedProcessor-hungry virtual instruments can impact system performance. And sharing sessions used to require that everyone have the same plug-ins. No more. With Track Freeze, you can quickly freeze or unfreeze all plug-ins on a trackor just up to a certain insertto free up processing power. Track Commit is similar except it renders the track (or an edit selection) permanently. And with Track Bounce, you can render out stems for fast and easy file delivery.Experience power, performance, and versatilityWith Pro Tools, you get even more pro-level features and capabilitiesFull version of Pro Tools 12.5 (iLok2 required, sold separately)Free software upgrades for one yearShare sessions with friends with Cloud Collaborationjust addedFree up resources with Track Freezejust addedPlay and share sessions easily with Track Commitjust addedPosition clips more precisely with clip transparencyjust addedSave time with batch fadesjust addedCA mastersExtended Disc CacheGain Reduction MeteringAdvanced MeteringWireless control with iPadTrack input monitoringSupport for up to 128 simultaneous audio tracksSupport for up to 512 instrument tracks
Avid, DAW Software 9935-66068-00

Avid M Audio Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard …

Avid M Audio Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard  ...Avid – Avid M Audio Keystation Mini 32 Keyboard Controller
Theres no need to sacrifice quality or performance when you take your music on the road. Innovative, road-worthy M-Audio products led the mobile studio revolution, and now the new Keystation Mini 32 controller keyboard extends and elevates this legacy. With 32 mini-keys and an incredibly compact form factor, its a great choice for players on the go.With Keystation Mini 32, you get excellent playability in an ultra-portable design. Simply connect it to your computer or iPad*, and perform two-hand parts with 32 great-feeling, low-profile mini-keys. Customize the keyboard sensitivity to your playing style with highly musical velocity curves. Control your performance with four assignable controls, including a rotary knob. And easily play and write music using the included software. With USB bus power and plug-and-play* functionality, Keystation Mini 32 is an easy way to create and perform on the go.2 Low-profile, velocity-sensitive mini-keys4 Assignable controls for real-time control of your DAW and virtual instrumentsSelectable velocity curves including one for drum programmingUSB bus-powered and class compliant for easy plug-and-play operation
Avid, MIDI Keyboard Controllers 9900-65161-12

Avid Pro Tools Duet With 1-Year Pro Tools …

Avid Pro Tools Duet With 1-Year Pro Tools  ...Avid – Avid Pro Tools Duet With 1-Year Pro Tools Subscription
Designed for singer/songwriters and loop-based musicians, Pro Tools Duet enables you to turn your Mac or PC into a powerful yet portable music creation and audio recording studio. Featuring industry-standard Pro Tools Software and the best-in-class Duet 2×4 audio interface by Apogee, Pro Tools Duet provides everything you need to create professional-level productions that will help you stand out from the crowd-from first note to final mix. Create with industry-standard Pro Tools.Pro Tools Duet gives you the best of both worlds-multi award-winning Pro Tools Software and the legendary sound of the Duet audio interface by Apogee, providing everything you need to compose, play, practice, record, edit, mix, and master music and audio. Take your creativity to the next level with a comprehensive and truly portable system that delivers exceptional performance, quality, and value-in your studio and on the go.Put Pro Tools power in the palm of your handPro Tools Software is the longtime industry-standard digital audio workstation used and trusted by just about every top artist, musician, producer, mixer, sound designer, recording studio, and post-production facility around the world for music, film, and television. It’s also been honored by the industry with Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy awards. With Pro Tools, you can work with the same tools the pros use to create your favorite songs and soundtracks-with unparalleled speed and ease.Get premium sound quality, designed by ApogeeThe ultra-compact, best-in-class Pro Tools Duet USB audio interface features cutting-edge technology that delivers a difference you can hear. State-of-the-art A/D and D/A conversion renders every detail of your audio recordings, plug-ins, and virtual instruments, delivering sonic fidelity and precision. And the dynamically optimized mic preamps, featuring Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture, provide superior bandwidth, ultra-low noisAvid Pro ToolsWork with the award-winning toolset trusted by audio pros worldwideWrite, play, practice, record, edit, mix, and master music fasterGet seamless integration with Duet for optimized controlCreate large, richly detailed sessions easily with 64-bit performanceTrack vocals, guitars, and other instruments in high-resolution audioCompose with virtual instruments and full MIDI and notation toolsEdit and mix tracks with Elastic Time/Pitch and over 75 AAX plug-insGet access to settings and a low-latency mixer with Pro Tools IO ControlPlay HD video in the timeline to work on stereo music videos and audio postShare sessions and collaborate with other Pro Tools users and studiosAccess to the most current version of Pro Tools for 1 yearIncludes Avid Standard Support planAccess to all Pro Tools upgrades throughout the yearTroubleshooting via phone (limited to 1 phone call per month)iLok2 included

Avid Advanced Support For Pro Tools Hd (1 …

Avid Advanced Support For Pro Tools Hd (1  ...Avid – Avid Advanced Support For Pro Tools Hd (1 Year) Activation Card
Are you a current Pro Tools HD user? If so, then you are eligible to purchase this annual Avid Advanced Support plan for your software, entitling you to receive all future upgradesincluding cloud collaboration and the Avid Marketplaceand access to expert help 24×7 for an entire year. And you can stay current by renewing this plan annually.Free software upgrades and new feature releases for 1 yearHave world-class experts available worldwide to answer questions and resolve issuesTroubleshooting via online support (unlimited with response time within four hours)Troubleshooting via phone (unlimited with the highest priority support)Does NOT include iLok2
Avid, DAW Software 9900-65596-00

Avid Mc Mix, Artist …

Avid Mc Mix, Artist  ...Avid – Avid Mc Mix, Artist Series
Take your mixing to a new level with Artist Mix, a sleek control surface that gives you the feel and deep software integration of a professional console at an affordable price. Mix audio with a level of precision, speed, and control simply not possible when mixing with just a mouse. And get fast access to a variety of software functions right from the surface to adjust levels, plug-in parameters, panning, automation modes, and much morewith excellent visual feedbackall in a compact footprint that fits perfectly between your keyboard and screen.Artist Mix features EUCON (Extended User Control), a high-speed open control protocol that has been adopted by many of the world’s leading software developers. Pro Tools, Media Composer, Apple Logic, Apple Final Cut Pro, Steinberg Cubase, and many other applications support EUCON, giving you highly responsive control over almost all software functions. You gain a tightly connected experience in which the control surface acts and feels like a physical extension of your software.Take control with EUCONWith Artist Mix, you gain deep, integrated control over your favorite EUCON-enabled creative applications, such as Pro Tools 9, Media Composer, Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Maestro, and more. EUCON carries high-resolution control information for faders, knobs, displays, and more between Artist Mix and whatever application is in focus on your computer. This enables you to quickly switch between multiple applications-and even workstations-at the touch of a button, with all controls and displays automatically matching the selected application.Mix with precisionGet accurate and smooth mixing control through eight high-quality, motorized, touch-sensitive, 100mm long throw faders. Easily select tracks for editing just by touching the corresponding fader. Use the “Fader Flip” function to tweak plug-in parameters with the faders-perfect for filter sweeps. Bank tracks (eight at a time) or nudgTouch-sensitive Rotary Encoders and Knob Select/On Keys (8)Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders (8)Record/Automation KeysSelect/Assign KeysKnob Set Selector KeysShift KeysFootswitch JackEthernet PortApplication/Workstation ChangeSolo/Mute/Transport KeysTrack NavigationOLED Displays (8)
Avid, Control Surfaces 9900-65169-00

Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi Effects …

Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi Effects  ...Avid – Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Multi Effects Processor With Pro Tools Subscription
Pro Tools Eleven Rack is a hardware/software bundle that provides the ultimate recording and amplifier emulation solution for guitar players. It comes with the high-quality, DSP-accelerated Eleven Rack hardware interface, industry-standard Pro Tools software, standalone Eleven Rack Editor application, and built-in Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, providing everything you needand moreto showcase your skills. No matter how you use it, you’ll always have the right tone at your fingertipsin the studio or on stage.And now it’s more affordable and an even better value than ever. Eleven Rack now comes with a lower cost 1-year Pro Tools subscription with access to all upgrades, bonus plug-ins, tutorial content, and support throughout your subscription.A tightly integrated, fully tricked-out solutionStop struggling with trying to get the sound youre after. With Pro Tools Eleven Rack, you get great tone and versatility, and a tightly integrated, fully tricked-out hardware/software audio recording solution that keeps up with your creativity. Have access to dozens of the most coveted rigs and stompbox effects for a fraction of the price of a single vintage amp.Capture your performanceHave everything you need to compose, record, sequence, edit, and mix your own music using the same software used in countless recording and postproduction studios worldwide. With its dual high resolution DSP power, Eleven Rackcoupled with Pro Tools softwareenables you to create big, complex mixes, without placing a burden on your computer.Rock your talent on stageWhy settle for a single amp at your next gig when you can have access to dozens? Eleven Rack holds its own as a standalone amp tone and effects processor, functioning like an amp head that can be connected to a speaker cabinet or direct to the soundboard. Eleven Rack functions like an amp head that can be connected to a speaker or soundboardGeneralConverters:24-bitSample rates:44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHzAnalog input1 x 1/4″ TS True-Z2 x 1/4″ TRS Line2 x 1/4″ TRS FX Loop ReturnAnalog output2 x XLR Main2 x 1/4″ TRS FX Loop Send2 x 1/4″ TS output to AmpDigital input1 x XLR AES/EBU1 x RCA coaxial S/PDIFDigital output1 x XLR AES/EBU1 x RCA coaxial S/PDIFMIDI I/O:2 x 5-pin, DIN MIDI In, MIDI out/thruSync I/O: AES/EBU ; S/PDIFHeadphone output:1 x 1/4″ TRSDimensions (WxHxD):19 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches
Avid, Audio Interfaces 9935-66040-00

Avid S6 M40 24-5-D (24 Channel Strips, 5 …

Avid S6 M40 24-5-D (24 Channel Strips, 5  ...Avid – Avid S6 M40 24-5-D (24 Channel Strips, 5 Knobs Per Channel, 3X Display Module)
The Avid S6 modular console redefines the world of mixing for professional installations. The S6 control surface leverages the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families from Avid, and combines them into one revolutionary, modular design. With superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control the S6 provides and intuitive, immersive experience for the modern sound engineer. And because it’s built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals in the most demanding production environments, S6 delivers the performance you need to complete projects faster and deliver the best sounding mixes possible.The S6 console comes in two base models, the S6 M10 engine and S6 M40 engine. The M40 engine is designed for high-end professionals and facilities that need great scalability and customizability, while the M10 is suited for budget-conscious pros and small- to mid-size facilities. The M40 engine allows for a maximum of up to 41 individual modules, while the M10 maxes out at 9. The M40 can also handle up to 64 channel faders and supports high-resolution TFT display modules, and the M10 has no display support with up to 24 maximum faders available.This version is based on the S6 M40 Master Module engine, with three S6 Fader Modules (24 faders), three S6 Knob Modules (4 knobs per channel), three Process Modules (1 knob per channel), and three S6 TFT Display Modules.Master Module:Master modules are the central hubs of your S6 surface. All surfaces must include a main engine, which provides touchscreen access and control; you have a choice between two-S6 M40 or S6 M10. The S6 Automation Module complements both, providing controls for transport, automation, and more.Both feature a tilting 12.1-inch multipoint touchscreen, eight adjacent rotary encoders, and dedicated knobs and keys for monitoring and global control, enabling you to view, access, and edit different aspects of your m24 channels, 5 knobs per channel3 high-resolution TFT color displaysAdd up to a total of 41 individual modulesRevolutionary modular designAdd-on modules as you need themCustomize to match your workflowHigh-precision editing and mixing controlHigh-speed EUCON Ethernet connectivityExtremely intelligent control of Pro ToolsFlexible mixing options for other EUCON-enabled DAWsExtensive visual feedbackIncredible workflow acceleration, highly responsive handling, and deep DAW integration
Avid, Unpowered Mixers 9935-65505-00