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Astatic By Cad Gooseneck Cardioid Speech …

Astatic By Cad Gooseneck Cardioid Speech  ...Astatic by CAD – Astatic By Cad Gooseneck Cardioid Speech Tailored Cond Mic 17 In.
The Astatic 827A is a cost-effective, cardioid, mini-gooseneck, electret condenser microphone with a controlled low frequency roll-off, smooth mid-range, and slightly peaked upper range to give a natural sound in all applications requiring voice reproduction. The superior and uniform unidirectional pattern minimizes feedback, reverberation, off-axis coloration, background noise, and placement problems. The 827A microphone from Astatic has an extremely durable satin black finish and built-in circuitry for phantom powering. This unobtrusive gooseneck microphone is ruggedly constructed to provide years of dependable service. The 827A is supplied with a miniature windscreen to control wind noise and breath “pop” during close talk situation and an A3M connector at the equipment end of the gooseneck.
Astatic by CAD, Condenser Microphones 827A-17