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Art Artcessories Xdirect Professional Active …

Art Artcessories Xdirect Professional Active  ...Art – Art Artcessories Xdirect Professional Active Direct Box
Powered by an internal 9-volt battery or via phantom power at the XLR output, the Xdirect Active Direct Box from ART features a switchable low-pass filter that cuts out all very high-frequency interference. This Bessel filter on the output is placed out of the audio range and is primarily intended to reduce radio frequency interference before it gets into the main system. The filter also reduces computer noise artifacts when used as an interface between a computer-based audio workstation and monitors. Phase inversion switch reverses signal polarity at the source. The ART Xdirect has a stylish, compact, and durable chassis; input attenuator switches for a wide range of signal levels; and an input through jack for tapping off the signal chain. A ground lift switch lets you totally separate the input and output signal grounds, reducing hum and ground-loop noise.Internal 9-volt battery or phantom powerSwitchable low-pass filterPhase inversion switchStylish, compact, and durable chassisInput attenuator switchesInput through jackGround lift switch
Art, Direct Boxes XDIRECT

Art Promix 3-Channel Microphone …

Art Promix 3-Channel Microphone  ...Art – Art Promix 3-Channel Microphone Mixer
The ART ProMIX Microphone Mixer is a little 3-channel problem solver that features 12V phantom power and an LF cut on each channel. Mono balanced XLR and 1/4″ headphone/aux outs give it flexibility for lots of applications. Runs on batteries or optional adapter.3 channel microphone mixerSwitchable 12V phantom powerLF cut on each channelMono balanced XLR and 1/4″ outs
Art, Unpowered Mixers PROMIX
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Art Mymonitor Personal Monitor …

Art Mymonitor Personal Monitor  ...Art – Art Mymonitor Personal Monitor Mixer
With the ART MyMONITOR Personal Monitor Mixer you can hear yourself while sending only the mic signal to the main mixer. Just connect MyMONITOR between the microphone and line source and the mixer. Can be AC or battery powered. Dynamic or condenser mics can be used since phantom power comes through the Mic Thru jack from the mixer or other source. Dual headphone jacks.Can be AC or battery poweredDynamic or condenser mics can be usedDual headphone jacks

Art Djpre Ii Phono …

Art Djpre Ii Phono  ...Art – Art Djpre Ii Phono Preamp
With the ART DJPre II Phono Preamp, analog input capacitance can be switched between 100pf and 200pf to optimize your phono cartridge response. Switchable low cut filter removes rumble while front main trim control and signal/clip LED let you optimize the gain for a wide range of input sources. Low-noise circuitry is highly accurate and meets RIAA standard. Rugged, attractive, aluminum, black anodized case. Designed to amplify and EQ your vinyl to interface with your audio workstation, soundcard, or main monitor system. Accepts variable power input from 7V DC to 12VAC.Quiet and reliableWorks for all types of turntablesInput capSwitchable low cut filterGain trimClip signalAccepts variable power source
Art, DJ Accessories DEEJAYPRE II

Art Macromix Mini …

Art Macromix Mini  ...Art – Art Macromix Mini Mixer
The MacroMIX gives you 4 channels with level controls, a variety of input types, and active mixing circuitry. Use this mini mixer from ART for all kinds of situations in the studio, such as solving level mismatches, sub-mixing of instruments, cable testing, preamping mics or turntables, etc.4 input channels: dual RCA inputs on channels 1 and 2, 1/4″ or dual RCA inputs on channel 3, and 1/4″ unbalanced input on channel 4Level control on each channelL/R RCA outputs1/4″ line out/stereo headphone outputActive preamplification and mixing circuitryInput Impedance: 10K ohms unbalanced
Art, Unpowered Mixers MACROMIX
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Art Phantom I Studio Mic Power …

Art Phantom I Studio Mic Power  ...Art – Art Phantom I Studio Mic Power Supply
The ART Phantom I is a 48V Phantom power supply for studio microphones. The Phantom I has a wide frequency response and features a female XLR input and a male XLR output. 18V DC power adaptor included.Different condenser microphones specify different amounts of required phantom power. As a rule these ratings can range from 48 volts all the way down to 9 volts. Fortunately, there is some flexibility in terms of matching phantom voltage to your mic. A rough rule of thumb would be “more is better.” For example, a 24-volt condenser mic will run perfectly on 48 volts. In fact, mics rated at as little as 9 volts can often operate on 48 volts, but you should check with the manufacturer first. Conversely, a mic will generally perform best driven by not less than its rated voltage so, for a 48V mic, you would obtain best results with 48 volts of phantom power. The Phantom I is a great choice for the above needs.Input Connectors: XLR femaleOutput Connectors: XLR maleFrequency Response: 10Hz 25kHzOutput Phantom Power: 48V DC +/- 2VOutput Noise: -115 dBVCurrent Drain: 14mAPower: 18V DC (Adapter included)Dimensions: 5.25 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches (130mm x 74mm x 45mm)Weight: 1.3 lbs. (315g)
Art, Pro Audio Power Supplies PHANTOM I

Art Cleanbox Ii Passive Hum …

Art Cleanbox Ii Passive Hum  ...Art – Art Cleanbox Ii Passive Hum Eliminator
The safest way to eliminate unwanted noise in your live sound setup is with the ART CleanBOX II. Hum in an audio system is often caused by loop effects which act like antennas. Typically, these loops are connected via grounds, more commonly called “ground loops.” These loops can easily pick up a 60Hz (or higher harmonics) hum transmitted by electrical wiring. Here are some common examples of ground loops where the CleanBox II can eliminate the hum: The power ground of a synthesizer, connected to the signal ground of the synth, into a mixer’s ground, then into a mixer’s power ground. The signal ground of a send effect (reverb, delay) into a mixer, and the connecting power grounds of the mixer and the unit. The power ground of a guitar amplifier, connected to a signal processor which has a second guitar amplifier on the other channel, and then the second guitar amp’s power ground.All such common ground loop problems are solved by the ART CleanBox II.
Art, Direct Boxes CLEANBOXII

Art Dual Transformer/Isolator Hum …

Art Dual Transformer/Isolator Hum  ...Art – Art Dual Transformer/Isolator Hum Eliminator
The ART Dual Transformer/Isolator Hum Eliminator uses a pair of high-performance transformers to totally separate input and output signal grounds, thereby isolating the 2 systems and reducing hum and ground-loop noise. The ART DTI’s audio transformers have an extremely flat and wide frequency response and can handle high signal levels while maintaining an isolated balanced output. This gives the ART DTI a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal sources. The transformers are wound for 1:1 unity gain and are designed to be used with impedances from 600 ohms to 100kOhms. XLR, 1/4″ phone, and RCA type phono connections on all inputs and outputs.
Art, Test Equipment DTI