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Antigua Winds Bs3220 Series Eb Baritone …

Antigua Winds Bs3220 Series Eb Baritone  ...Antigua Winds – Antigua Winds Bs3220 Series Eb Baritone Saxophone Lacquer Finish
The Antigua BS3220 baritone saxophone has elegant style, expressive tone, and solid construction. It is in a price range where it is viable as a student instrument, but it has numerous features that make it presentable in professional environments. It is at home in the middle school band room, the conservatory, or anywhere in between.The BS3220 baritone features power-forged keys for added durability and contoured palm keys, which makes the instrument easy to control.Key: EbConstruction: Fully ribbedAuxiliary Keys: High F# keyThumb Hook: Adjustable (Yellow brass)Neck Material: Yellow BrassBody Material: Yellow BrassBell: Yellow BrassPads & Resonators: PISONI pads & metal resonatorsBell Decoration: Hand engravedMouthpiece: 4C
Antigua Winds, Student Baritone & Bass Saxophones BS3220LQ