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Alesis Controlhub

Alesis ControlhubAlesis Controlhub Alesis
Key Features:MIDI interface with convenient audio playbackEasily connects to your Mac or PCMIDI In and Out jacks connect to virtually any MIDI gearAudio outputs provide playback from your software or appHeadphone output with dedicated volume controlMIDI assignable footswitch/pedal input offers extreme flexibilityCompact modern design with black chrome accentsUSB-powered; no power supply requiredThis product is class compliant; it does not require driversIncludes:Control Hub interfaceMIDI CONNECTIONS:MIDI In, MIDI outAUDIO CONNECTIONS:1/4 Audio outputs (Left, Right)1/4 Stereo headphone outputOTHER CONNECTIONS:USB (mini) port1/4 TRS dual footswitch inputCONTROLS:Stereo output levelHeadphone volumUSB CableUser GuideSafety & Warranty Manual
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces
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Iconnectivity Mio10

Iconnectivity Mio10Iconnectivity Mio10 Iconnectivity
Get your MIDI devices talking to each other and to your computers. Only iConnectivity packs this much power and flexibility into a thoroughly modern MIDI interface.Let mio10™ overcome your MIDI connection problems. Harness the power of two computers at the same time – or one, or use the mio10™ stand-alone.Connect all your MIDI devices – USB MIDI, 5-pin MIDI, Network MIDI – and let this rugged, versatile interface put you in control of your MIDI setup and workflow. No need for separate MIDI merger/filter/processor units – it´s all built in to streamline your MIDI setup. Create faster, better, and in exciting new ways.Features- 10×10 5-pin MIDI ports- USB Host Port supports a USB MIDI Class-Compliant device (add your powered USB hub and connect up to ten devices)- Works with up to two computers at the same time! (Or use it stand-alone.)- Plug-and-play – no drivers to install (it´s USB MIDI Class-Compliant)- Ethernet Network MIDI power – use with wired and wireless MIDI networks- PC and Mac compatible- Configuration software (download for Mac/PC) makes it simple to create and save routing, merging, and filtering presets. One can be stored on the device and remembered when you power up.- 56 user-configurable 16-channel MIDI portsWhat makes mio10™ unique? The iConnectivity difference.Other MIDI interfaces: Basic MIDI in and out. Won´t accommodate 10 5-pin MIDI devices, never mind USB MIDI. Support for only one computer. No sophisticated MIDI port routing between computers and connected MIDI devices, no advanced MIDI processing. Won´t work without a computer. Yawn.The mio10™ difference:More power to create:Bring every MIDI device around into your music, with room to grow. Everything talks to everything else, whether it´s modern or vintage.Powerful MIDI merging/filtering/processing, lots of ins and outs to streamline your setup.More flexible workflow:Designed for the way you´ve always wished you could work, on your own or collaborating with other musicians. Let your whole band talk MIDI to each other. And it´s built to stand up to the rigors of the road.Minimum System Requirements- Mac OS X 10.8 or greater – 1 free USB port- Windows 7 or later – 1 free USB port- With Camera Connector Kit (CCK) – no direct hardware support – CoreMIDI compatible appIn the box- One mio10 device.- One standard USB B Cable.- One 9V 18W Power Universal Power Supply with interchangeable blades (NA, EU, UK and AU (Australia only)).
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Yamaha Dbt-01

Yamaha Dbt-01Yamaha Dbt-01 Yamaha
Simple and easy wireless connection of instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to iOS devices and Mac makes it easy to use a wide range of music applications wirelessly for even more enjoyable performing and composing.
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces
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Iconnectivity Iconnect Midi1

Iconnectivity Iconnect Midi1Iconnectivity Iconnect Midi1 Iconnectivity
iConnect MIDI1 is a 1 in 1 out USB or iOS 16 channel MIDI interface to connect your MIDI compatible controller, keyboard, synthesizer, or drum machine to your computer or iOS device. iConnectMIDI1 is bus powered and is plug and play compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as iOS devices.iConnectMIDI1 Features1 in and 1 out set of MIDI DIN portsSupports 16 channels of MIDI I/OiOS compatibleMac and PC compatibleUSB bus poweredPlug and play – no drivers neededUSB MIDI Class CompliantMinimum System RequirementsMac OS X 10.4 or greater1 free USB port Windows XP SP3 or greater1 free USB port iOS 4.0 or greaterCoreMIDI compatible app
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Bastl Instruments Midi Bastl

Bastl Instruments Midi BastlBastl Instruments Midi Bastl Bastl Instruments
MIDI Bastl is clever MIDI module for Bastl Instruments Trinity chain of instruments to add input or output MIDI connector. It can also convert MIDI Clock to different kinds of clock – Korg Volca / Monotribe, Gameboy Nanoloop / LSDJ, DIN Sync 24 or 48.jumpers to select functionality and routing of the MIDI connector (with chain connectors and sync dev. area)MIDI I/OAttiny 85 based development area for almost endless sync possibilities (firmware for attiny still in development)converts MIDI clock to CV clock (4 PQN and 12 PQN) for Korg Volca/Monotribe, Modular, Gameboy Nanoloop/LSDJ (done)converts MIDI clock to din sync 24 /48 (the start pin needs one solder bridge to be in the sync mini jack – see tutorial HERE)Standalone use: MIDI Bastl has no power jack and is powered via the side connectors from an instrument. For standalone use you need to make power jack adaptor. On the circuit board there are clearly marked spots to which you can solder cable to the power jack. See this tutorial for more info.
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces

Yamaha Mdb-t01

Yamaha Mdb-t01Yamaha Mdb-t01 Yamaha
Simple and easy wireless connection of instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to iOS devices and Mac makes it easy to use a wide range of music applications wirelessly for even more enjoyable performing and composing.
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces
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Roland Um One Mk2

Roland Um One Mk2Roland Um One Mk2 Roland
Jetzt auch kompatibel zum iPadKompakt, praktisch und schnell bietet das preisgünstige UM-ONE mk2 leistungsfähiges FPT-Processing für geringste Latenz und präzises Timing. Es wird über USB mit Strom versorgt und ist kompatibel zu Macs, PCs und jetzt auch zum iPad mittels eines zusätzlichen Apple Camera Connection Kits.[ Die wichtigsten Features ]1 x In, 1 x Out MIDI-Interface mit leistungsfähigem FPT ProcessingKompatibel zu Mac- und Windows-Betriebssystemen und ab sofort auch zum iPad mittels eines zusätzlichen Apple Camera Connection KitsExtrem kompakt, preisgünstig und einfach zu bedienenDatenfluss-Anzeige sowohl für MIDI In, als auch für MIDI OutPraktische integrierte USB- und MIDI-KabelStromversorgung über USB
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces
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M-audio Uno Interface

M-audio Uno InterfaceM-audio Uno Interface M-audio
Uno ist ein kleines und leichtes (nur ca. 130g) USB-MIDI-Interface in Adapter-Kabel-Form und eignet sich hervorragend für den portablen Betrieb an Laptops oder Notebooks. Die Kabellänge beträgt insgesammt ca. 3 Meter.Uno™ ist als USB MIDI-Interface sowohl am Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP PC als auch am Macintosh unter Mac OS X über USB einsetzbar. Das Gerät bietet 16 MIDI-Eingangskanäle (1 Port) und 16 Kanäle auf der Ausgangsseite (1 Port). 3 LEDs zeigen den Betriebszustand des Geräts an.Durch die USB-Technik wird die Installation und Erweiterung bestehender Systeme zum Kinderspiel. Vergessen Sie lästiges Aufschrauben, Basisadressen, IRQs oder DMAs; das bedeutet: Anstecken und funktioniert.
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces

Sonuus B2m

Sonuus B2mSonuus B2m Sonuus
Following on from the success of the G2M, the B2M brings affordable and reliable MIDI capability to bass guitar. We have been inundated with requests for the B2M and we are sure this will bring delight to bassists the world-over. With ultra-low-latency, and unmatched affordability, the B2M breaks new ground in MIDI performance for bass players — it will even track a low B (which is only 30Hz)!Specifications- Any electric bass guitar can be used as a solo MIDI controller.- No instrument modifications or special pickups required.- Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes.- Very low latency & very fast tracking.- Fast, accurate MIDI pitch-bend or chromatic mode.- Built-in tuner for standard bass guitar tuning (4–7 strings)- Battery-powered with long battery life.- Compact, lightweight and portable.
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces
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Midi Solutions Quadra Thru

Midi Solutions Quadra ThruMidi Solutions Quadra Thru Midi Solutions
Der MIDI-Solutions QuadraThru ist ein Midi-Verteiler mit einem MIDI-Eingang und vier MIDI-Ausgängen. Alle Mididaten, die am Midi-Eingang anliegen (einschließlich SystemExclusive und Midi Time Code) werden an die vier MIDI-Thru-Buchsen weitergeleitet. Ein aktive Schaltung sorgt für verlustfreie Verarbeitung und zeitgleiche Übertragung der Mididaten an die Midi-Ausgänge.Die Spannungsversorgung erfolgt über die Midi-Buchse und ist zu den meisten MIDI-Geräten kompatibel. Die eingebaute LED signalisiert den Betriebszustand und blinkt bei der Verarbeitung der Mididaten.Gewicht: 120gMaße: 10,7 x 5,6 x 2,8 cm
Synthesizers, Midi Interfaces