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Api Audio 565 Filter Bank

Api Audio 565 Filter BankApi Audio 565 Filter Bank Api Audio
The 565 Filter Bank module has circuits that are true to the musical filters of the famed 215 module found in large format API consoles.Features:-sweepable low-pass filter (500Hz to 20kHz, -6 or -12dB slope)-sweepable high-pass filter (20Hz to 400Hz, -12 or -18dB slope)-variable notch filter (fully sweepable between 20Hz and 20kHz)
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Dbx 530

Dbx 530Dbx 530 Dbx
The dbx 530 Parametric EQ offers a unique degree of equalization flexibility in the popular 500 Series format. Based upon the classic dbx 905, the dbx 530 is an uncompromising equalizer offering true, fully parametric operation of all three filter bands! dbx has a much-heralded history with modular processors dating back to our 900 Series, and the dbx 530 continues that tradition.The dbx 530´s overlapping bands each offer control of frequency bandwidth (Q) and up to 15dB of reciprocal cut or boost to provide exact, complimentary filter action for the most demanding of equalization needs. For problem situations requiring the removal of spurious signals, each of the bands can be independently switched into ´´infinite notch” mode without affecting the operation of others. In situations where a shelving equalizer will produce better results than a peaking one, the 530’s high and low bands can be independently switched from peaking to shelving operation. You can also make instant affected/bypassed comparisons using the 530´s ´´On” switch.Load up your 500 Series rack with dbx 530 Parametric EQs¬¬ and cut your way through mixes like an audio surgeon!Features- Based on the classic dbx 905- 3-band parametric EQ- Selectable bell or shelf type filters on low and high frequency bands- Adjustable Q on each band
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Api Audio 505 Direct Input

Api Audio 505 Direct InputApi Audio 505 Direct Input Api Audio
Like the console-based API 205L, the 505-DI is specifically designed to accept a guitar, bass or keyboard direct input while minimizing any loading effect on Hi-Z instrument pickups. Additionally, the 505-DI´s Gain Control is used to normalize an instrument´s input level, up to a +4 dBu output level. API´s unique TONE control reduces potential low end mud in the signal, while turning on the BRIGHT switch adds additional clarity if desired. The various combinations of TONE and BRIGHT controls can eliminate the need for any EQ on the instrument while recording, keeping the signal path short and pure.This minimal signal path eliminates the need to use a standard direct box, which many times still requires a mic input, equalizer, and a fader to get the signal to a recordable level. The 505-DI is capable of boosting any instrument to a hefty line level without additional amplifiers. Use of the 100K / 400K LOAD switch allows the tone of the pickup to be altered slightly, alternately brightening or darkening the high frequency content. When inserting an instrument with an internal preamp or a line level instrument such as a sampler or a keyboard, the 505-DI offers a 20 dB PAD switch to drop the level without loading, thereby retaining the integrity of the incoming signal.Features:Wide Range Gain Control with 55dB of gainFront Panel Hi-Z InputFront Panel Thru routingTONE Control helps customize your soundBRIGHT Switch boosts clarity and presence10 segment LED VU meter for monitoring output levelPeak Output LED Indicator20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument100K / 400K Switchable LoadTraditional API fully discrete circuit designUses the famous API 2520 and 2510 Op-Amps
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Igs Audio Panzer 500

Igs Audio Panzer 500Igs Audio Panzer 500 Igs Audio
Panzer 500 is a 10-slot 500-series module power supply. It´s fully compatible with any 500series modules.The output current is 420mA per slot.
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Maag Audio Eq2

Maag Audio Eq2Maag Audio Eq2 Maag Audio
The Maag Audio EQ2™ (500 Series) is a no compromise one channel 2 band equalizer with AIR BAND®, Low Mid Frequency (LMF) bell boost from SUB to 1.4 kHz, and an INPUT ATTN to control down to –12.5 dB of attenuation. The EQ2’s AIR BAND® is equipped with an additional sassy frequency selection @ 15 kHz, making the EQ2 hard to resist in any situation. The LMF provides both tight or wide bell curve options to dial in the perfect amount of warmth on the 2-bus. When it comes to tracking, the EQ2 will quickly become your favorite preamps’ ´´better half” by controlling the input (INPUT ATTN) (great for correcting over driven mic preamp transformers) before eq’ing with the versatile AIR BAND and LMF. The EQ2 is compatible with the API 500-6B lunchbox® and 500VPR rack systems and any other 500 Series spec rack.Following its EQ4® predecessor, the EQ2 provides unparalleled transparency and top end presence with the same high quality components found in the powerhouse 6 band EQ4. EQ adjustments are obtained with minimal phase shift and detent controls allow for easy recallable settings, even on the INPUT ATTN.Specifications:- Frequency Response: -2 dB points, 10Hz & 75kHz- Nominal Input Impedance XLR): 48 K Ohms, balanced- Nominal Output Impedance (XLR): 50 Ohms, balanced- Headroom: +27 dBu- THD + Noise: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Elysia Nvelope 500

Elysia Nvelope 500Elysia Nvelope 500 Elysia
The nvelope 500 is a powerful audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely useful for reshaping all sorts of individual tones, and is a wonderful tool in any mixing situation as well.The nvelope 500 operates independently of the specific level of a signal, and (unlike with compressors) you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to balance a set of complex controls to quickly get the results you seek.With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope 500 gives you enhanced control over processing, and can easily handle complex program material. Additionally, its dynamics sections can be bypassed, allowing it to function as a flexible high/low shelf EQ…So, the nvelope 500 is a dynamics processor that can change the character of a sound by altering its impulse structure. It gives you direct control over the envelope of a signal by shaping its attack and sustain intensity.More specifically, a drum set (or individual drums) can be made to sound more aggressive and punchy by accenting the attack, or tones that are already overly aggressive can easily be tamed.Other useful applications would be on picked or slapped bass, edgy guitar or any kind of piano recording. Generally speaking, the nvelope 500 works optimally on audio signals with a significant/percussive attack structure.As a balance to the attack shaping, the sustain parameters offer control over room sound and space. An instrument or a reverb tail can sound tighter by reducing its sustain, or can gain more depth/make a signal sound longer by increasing it.The nvelope 500 is a great tool for shaping individual signals, but it can be an indispensable resource in mixing situations as well, as it effortlessly helps you to bring a sound to the front with more attack and less sustain… or blends it gently into the background by reducing its attack and increasing its sustain.A unique feature of the nvelope 500 is the enhanced tweakability offered in Dual Band mode. Individual frequency controls for attack and sustain yield excellent processing results without unwanted artifacts, even when utilized on complex material like a summing bus.We’re sure you’ll be happy to know the nvelope 500 offers true dual mono or linked stereo operation whether you are using it in Full Range, Dual Band or EQ mode.When the nvelope 500 is not in Stereo Link mode, the two individual channels can be used as different processors simultaneously. For example, you can shape one signal in Dual Band mode in channel L and a completely different signal in Full Range mode in channel R.Or, you can connect the output of channel L to the input of channel R, and then process the frequency response with the EQ first, followed by some nice Dual Band impulse shaping… As you can imagine, there are lots of possible combinations!• Discrete Class-A Topology Pristine audio quality.• Full Range Mode Fast & efficient envelope shaping.• Dual Band Mode Enhanced frequency controls.• EQ Mode Alternative high/low shelf equalizer.• Mixed Mode Two different processors at the same time.• Stereo Link/Dual Mono Flexible channel use and combination.• Auto Gain Eliminates level peaks and distortion.• Made in Germany High grade components, solid aluminum knobs.
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Joemeek Preq – Vorverstarker

Joemeek Preq - VorverstarkerJoemeek Preq – Vorverstarker Joemeek
500 Series Mic Preamp with 48V Phantom Power, 20dB Pad, Optical De-esser, Variable Hipass Filter, and Front-panel High-impedance Instrument InputThe Joemeek preQ 500 Series Mic Preamp does it all. Designed and crafted in the same spirit as Joemeek´s acclaimed rack gear, the preQ 500 gives you everything you need in a mic pre. You get 60dB of clean gain, plus essential features like 48V phantom power, a 20dB pad, and phase reversal.But here´s where it gets interesting – the preQ includes an optical de-esser, a variable hipass filter, and a front-panel high-impedance instrument input. Quite right.A high-quality US-made Cinemag transformer adds to the Joemeek preQ 500´s unique sound.Some Key Features:- The vibrantly transparent sound of Joemeek´s renowned mic preamps in a 500 Series module- Optical de-esser lets you control sibilance- Variable highpass filter lets you roll off rumble and other unwanted low frequencies- Instrument DI adds flexibility to your rig- US-made Cinemag transformer adds to the Joemeek preQ 500´s unique soundSpecifications- Input impedances: Mic: 1.2kohm / Instrument: 2.2Mohm- Common mode rejection: 70dB- Equivalent input noise: -127.5dBu (unweighted, 150ohm source)- Distortion: 0.001% (+4dBu output, 1kHz)- Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz (-3dB)- Microphone overall gain: 25dB to 65dB (variable)- Instrument overall gain: 5dB to 45dB (variable)- Pad: 25dB attenuation- Maximum input before clipping: Mic: +4dBu (+24dBwith Pad)- Max output before clip: +28dBu (lOkohm load)- High Pass Filter: 12dB per octave cut, below 20Hz to 200Hz (variable)- Nominal output level: +4dBu (electronically balanced)- Output impedance: 100 ohm- Output noise floor: -85dBu (typical, with -´40dB mic gain)- PPM Meter: 8-segment LED bargraph- Current requirement: 130mA (maximum) per rail- Size and weight: Standard 500 Series, 0.65 kilos- Compliance: VPI Alliance, WHOS-Do
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Tonelux Mp5a

Tonelux Mp5aTonelux Mp5a Tonelux
The MP5A is a DISCRETE mic preamp with a DIRECT INPUT on the front panel. The MIC IN is transformer coupled in and out, and has a 20 dB PAD switch (effects both MIC and DIR), a 48V Phantom switch and a Phase or POLARITY switch. The PAD and POLARITY switches effect both inputs.. The inner, or larger (silver) knob sets the mic pre gain and the outer smaller (black) knob controls the output level. We chose the fader control for the outer knob so the gain knob, once set, won´t be bumped when adjusting the output level. The 8 seg LED VU meter follows the balanced output of the preamp. The level of the VU meter is adjustable over the entire range from off to +28. The PEAK led is set at +14VU or +18 dBu and can grab a fast peak and display it. An internal jumper selects the MIC PRE MAIN OUTPUT or the MIC PRE GAIN STAGE signal to feed the VU Meter. This allows the engineer to monitor the real mic pre gain or the output level of the MP5A. When monitoring the Mic Pre Gain, the meter shows the actual gain stage level, and is not effected by the output fader.The Combo XLR/Direct input is for use with a hi-z instrument, etc. The TILT tone control works with both the MIC in and DIR in and has it´s own TILT EQ IN switch, which is a hard wire bypass switch when out. When turned up, the tilt control has a 0 to 6 dB boost on the high end while cutting the low end the same. If it is turned down, tilt will boost the low end up to 6 dB and cut the high end up to 6 dB. The Front panel XLR is multed to the rear panel XLR and that is also multed to the D-Sub INPUT on the rear of the V4. The INSERT RETURN input of the V4is a resistor isolated mic level input, that can be used when the MP1 is in a live recording situation and there is no splitter. It will bridge the mic line with 10X the impedance to minimize loading of the microphone. Included with the MP5A Mic Pre is the ability to PFL the output to an external amplifier or to the mixer/master section for previewing the signal directly off the mic pre output.
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