Trident Audio Trid-80b

Trident Audio Trid-80bTrident Audio Trid-80b Trident Audio
The Series 80B rack unit is derived from the legendary Series 80 Consoles designed by Trident Studios in the late 1970´s. It incorporates an exact replica of the mic preamp and equaliser design that gave the original console its unique sound. These consoles have been used to record just about every major artist in the past three decades, including Elton John, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder to name but a few. More recently they have been used to record artists such as Radiohead and Pavarotti.The Trident Audio Developments Series 80B rack unit therefore brings with it a historic pedigree and is offered at a price that is now affordable to the smaller studios and home recordists.Specifications:- Input Impedance:Microphone: 1.2k ohm transformer balancedLine: 15k ohm electronically balanced- Output Impedance: – Gain:Microphone: -15dB to +60dBLine: -15dB to +10dB- Noise:Microphone: Line: – Maximum Levels:Mic Input: +24dBu at all frequenciesLine Input: +24dBu at all frequencies- Distortion:Mic Input: Line Input: – Frequency Response:Mic Input: ±1dB 20Hz to 20kHzLine Input ±1dB 20Hz to 20kHz- Nominal Operating Level: +4dBu- Peak LED Threshold: +10dBu
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