Tannoy Vxp 6 Schwarz

Tannoy Vxp 6 SchwarzTannoy Vxp 6 Schwarz Tannoy
Conceived, engineered and built with precision in the United Kingdom, VXP Series combines the technological refinement of the passive VX Series with the brand new IDEEA™ (IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier) integrated power module from Lab.gruppen. The result is a highly compact, ultra-reliable and efficient, self-powered loudspeaker offering a punchy and sonically superior solution for small and medium scale sound reinforcement and high performance speech reproduction where clarity and vocal character are paramount.Unlike ordinary drive units, the Dual Concentric is effectively two drivers properly merged into one. The high-frequency unit is positioned on the back of the low frequency driver so that they are effectively on the same axis. With this system the sound energy is propagated from the same point and delivered through the center of the low frequency cone – a true point source. The Dual delivers a spherical wave front that ensures even dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, providing exceptional off-axis performance.The perfectly matched integrated Lab.gruppen IDEEA modules are designed to handle the demands of fixed installation audio, with the inherent extended duty cycles of around-the-clock operation and very high performance demands, while offering the durability, unmatched power output and clarity required by portable applications. To ensure a long and trouble-free service life, IDEEA modules incorporate extensive features to safeguard internal circuits and driver compliment.At the heart of the IDEEA module is a patented Class D output stage capable of high power levels with very low distortion and minimal current draw – all with a net operating efficiency in excess of 90%. A universal switching power supply accepts any mains voltage from 70 – 265 V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz through the appropriate IEC cord. In Auto mode, the speaker turns on with signal present and switches to standby mode after 20 minutes of no input, in doing so reducing power consumption to less than 1 W (while in standby). Manual control mode allows the speaker to be turned on and off as required. Also provided is a switchable 90 Hz high-pass filter for use when adding a subwoofer.Dual Concentric Speaker, 150 mm (6”)Dispersion 90°Frequency range (-10 dB): 80 Hz – 45 kHzPower rating: 250 WattsRated max SPL: 111 dB (average), 117 dB (peak)Mains voltage: 70-265 VDimensions (HxWxD) : 333 mm x 225 mm x 215 mmNet weight 7 kg (packed 8 kg)Made in the United Kingdom (Scotland)
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